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Many of you might think, what is career coaching?

Do I even need it? How can a coach help me with my career planning? Are my experience and organization not enough to help me progress in my job?

 Well, if you are not sure about the benefits of an expert job coach, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you happy with your job? Do you think your workplace helps you to reach your full potential? What about your compensation? Do you believe this is what you deserve? Do you wish to look out for better options and have you considered your short-term and long-term career goals?

Now that you have answered these questions, do you think that your career could be more rewarding?

 If yes, you might consider seeking the services of a career coach. He/she will guide you through setting your goals and planning your actions.

Some of the advantages of hiring a job coach are — getting a job with higher pay, finding a career path that is in alignment with your values, earning a promotion, balancing work and family life, acing a job interview, and of course, decreasing stress.

Yes, for your dream successful career, you can always depend on a job coach. He or she can assist you by helping you maximize your personal and professional potential. He guides you in realizing your areas of expertise, aligning your goals with your skills, encouraging self-discovery, offering strategies, and giving honest feedback.

Ways in Which a Career Coach Can Help in Career Planning

1. Career Planning in the Digital Era

While the rise of the digital age and advancement of automation technologies, may employees across the world are concerned about how to handle the implications. Traditional workplaces are now becoming more agile and constantly changing.

Hence, a career coach can help you in recognizing the early signals of change and planning for the future.

For instance, functions like marketing, finance, and research and development are adopting an on-demand and project-based approach.

Moreover, media production and IT development are also project-based. Due to digitization, many traditional workers are now opting toward owning independent businesses and organizations are selecting candidates based on creativity, skills, and experience — rather than just looking at formal degrees.

Yes, old systems are gradually being replaced by agile technologies and labor flexibility. Therefore, you need to consult with your job coach on how to go ahead with your career planning in such a scenario. You would need to groom your existing skills and adaptability to fit into a flexible job environment and seek a better work-life balance.

Consult with your job coach on how to acquire new skills that automation can’t readily replace.

2. Career Planning in an Evolving Job Market

With a job market that is continuously evolving, long-term career planning is becoming increasingly difficult. Employees will now need to prepare themselves as per the need of the hour. So, in such a scenario, you may turn to your job coach for guidance on short-term professional planning.

As per the latest studies, a staggered acquisition of degrees is expected to be the latest career norm. It is the trend now to learn from hands-on experience and get more degrees as and when needed. Yes, education won’t be just a one-time affair anymore. It shall be a continual process — where you will need proper guidance from a counselor.

3. Getting Stuck in an Unexpected Situation

If often happens that during your job, you might have to face an unexpected situation at your workplace. And you are confused about how to handle it.

For example, your company may have undergone a recent restructuring and your duties have changed. Again, you are put under a new manager and you feel like you are unable to communicate properly with him or her.

Life Coach

In either of these cases, a job coach can help you in your career planning by analyzing all the factors and determining possible solutions. He/she will guide you through your decisions in a more practical manner rather than letting you take charge of them emotionally.

4. Facing a Mid-Career Blockage

When you have been pursuing a steady job all this while, a sudden mid-career blockage can prove to be a huge deal.  In this situation, taking the help of a coach is extremely necessary. He/she shall awake your long-latent curiosity and ambition and make you revive your old excitement for your job.

It often happens that when you work in a company for five or more years, you might realize that you are ready to take up a higher position. A coach can help you in making the right action plan so that you can navigate your career planning path as per your end goals.

5. Landing the Position of a First-Time Manager

Experienced job coaches are also experts in leadership training and they can help you in developing and managing a team. Especially, when you are a first-timer in this role, you may be seriously burdened with the new responsibility, visibility, and confidence that arrive with your position as a manager.

Your new roles may also include mentoring staff, making hiring decisions, and running a department. For each of these actions, you would need new skills. An expert can guide you through the right resources, required for being groomed into a manager.

Additionally, for a manager, networking is a required skill. If you think that you are not adept at handling conversations or communicating with large groups of strangers. A coach can then help you to attend events that make you feel comfortable and participate in groups outside of your immediate circle.

6. You’re Not Getting Promoted or Advancing in Your Career

Do you feel your vocation or occupation is going no place? Is it accurate to say that you are not getting advanced? Or then again do you feel stuck in your activity?

On the off chance that you have a feeling that your profession has leveled, it is a certain sign a vocation mentor is a decent alternative for you,” says Wood. “This may mean you need choices to climb in the organization, you are pushed to the limit, pay-wise, or you feel like there’s simply no space for development and learning inside your organization or industry. A mentor will enable you to make sense of if there are imaginative approaches to progress or if a vocation change is the thing that you have to feel ‘un-stuck’ and amped up for your future.”

7. You Forgot About Your True Career Goals

So what happens when you have an OK job, yet it’s not what you truly need to do? It might be an ideal opportunity to consider a lifelong mentor. “Not being certain what you need to do with your life may happen directly after school when you’re entering the workforce or it could happen a very long time down the track when you choose you would prefer not to do what that is no joke,”

A large number of our customers come to us after years in effective professions which they are never again intrigued by or satisfied by, however, have no clue what they need to do.

A good career coach will enable you to think about your very own capacities and sparks and will enable you to create a professional plan which matches your identity as an individual, so you can make incredible progress as well as close to home satisfaction.”

In short, career coaches strive to make your daily work experience more fulfilling, focused, and supported. They can advance the trajectory of your work and help you gain confidence in new phases of your career.

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Jason Stauffacher has over 15 years of experience in Public Relations, resume writing, and career coaching. He has done resumes and career coaching for professionals in the United States White House,US Marshals, Delta Airlines, a pre-AI company, Amazon, United HealthGroup, Boeing, General Mills and the FBI to just name a few of past clients.

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