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Getting employment that’ll serve as a rung to the next career step is every job seeker’s dream.

If you’re not a job seeker, you may be thinking about switching to a more comfortable, higher-paying job.

It’s laudable to launch into the deep of job hunting, and it’s no easy task for some when there’s no concrete info to rest on. Well, all that’s in the past starting from now!

Know that the first step in getting the right type of employment is being in the right market. Many people look for jobs in areas where the opportunities are either too few or too low-paying.

So if you’re not looking to create any self-employed jobs, here’re the top job markets for the year 2020. When you get to these markets and have the right skillset and qualifications, getting hired is surely a breeze.

But note that these markets aren’t arranged in any particular order, so choose the market you’re sure is perfect for you.

7 Hottest Job Markets in the US (2020)

1. Nashville (Tennessee)

This Tennessee city currently has an already established market, with more investments getting into the city regularly.

Nashville Tennessee-Hottest Job Markets

Take the unemployment rate of Nashville, for example, at a staggering 2.6% on average for the previous year. Also, the participation of the labour force ranked fourth with a 71% index. Nashville’s got a lot of opportunities, and the investments coming in are a testament to the city’s business-friendliness.

2. Austin (Texas)

This city has a huge presence of entrepreneurial and tech companies, making it one of the most sought-after locations for employment.

Austin Texas-Hottest Job Markets

Also, this city currently boasts a 5% wage hike, increasing its appeal to a host of job hunters. And the huge companies residing in Austin, Texas regularly increase their workforce to meet growing demand.

For example, tech giant Apple recently boosted its investment in Austin. So, there’s a lot of opportunities to clinch that life-transforming job in Austin.

3. Sioux Falls (South Dakota)

Right now, South Dakota’s got a high growth rate and it’s not in the tech industry like most cities.

Sioux Falls host a budding growth rate in jobs and a high hiring likelihood. Most of these jobs are available in the healthcare industry, as large-scale hospitals add to the work opportunities available.

The growth isn’t restricted to the healthcare industry, as the financial services sector plays a role in making jobs available.

There’s no corporate income tax existing for corporate firms in South Dakota. And this has brought a lot of investment to the state and Sioux Falls seems to be at the centre of it all.  

4. Boston (Massachusetts)

When you need a job with good wages, your best port of call should be Boston. This city’s been a permanent fixture in good job markets for a long time, and there’s little indicating any slow-down.

Boston has a lot of opportunities in the education sector, and there are a lot of top academic institutions in this city to boot.

Boston Massachusetts-Hottest Job Markets

Also, tech companies, pharmaceutical industries, entrepreneurial start-ups, and big businesses make Boston a job seeker’s dream city.

Boston’s unemployment rate is low and boasts an above-average rate of job growth. So, if you need employment across various industries, then think about getting opportunities in this city.

5. Fargo (North Dakota)

If you desire to get into a market with a ton of opportunities, Fargo’s the place to be. This city’s got the highest opportunity index in many sectors for job seekers. Also, job postings in this metropolis are above average every year.

And what’s certainly going to interest you is the job-to-candidate ratio in this city for the year. There’s no better place than Fargo when it comes to hearing from your employer.

Fargo has a lot to show for its budding investment circle. A Microsoft campus is a resident in this city, classified as one of the tech giant’s largest centres in the US. Also, there’s a top-class hospital, a host of universities which all provide huge opportunities for job hunters in 2020.

6. San Jose (California)

When it comes to getting more wads of cash per hour, there’s a spot for you in San Jose. There’re lots of job postings in this city, and many jobs offer fifty thousand bucks or more in annual pay.

San Jose California

San Jose’s also regarded as an established tech hub in the US and holds a lot of opportunities for tech-savvy companies mainly focused on innovation.

7. Bismarck (North Dakota)  

The North Dakota city boasts a good market for job seekers based on its low unemployment rate of around 2%.

Bismarck has ample opportunities in the retail goods and manufacturing industry.

Here’s a list of top cities right now where getting a job is surely going to be easy. Most of these cities offer more pay than what you’d expect, so the choice’s up to you right now!

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