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More people than ever are working out of their homes. Either working from home a few days a week or permanently running a home-based business working for themselves.

While working from home can be an excellent opportunity for many, it also comes with its challenges. It can be difficult to concentrate when you are surrounded by home distractions, some people struggle to focus on work, and more still struggle to switch off at the end of their working day.

One reason many people start to work from home is the search for a better work-life balance. And yet, in many cases, they find that work completely takes over, and the balance is worse than ever.

One way to avoid these issues is to make sure you’ve got an office at home. Away from distraction and family life. A place to meet clients, keep your files organized, and to help get you in the mood for work. But, when it comes to fitting an office into your home, you’ll want to consider style.

There’s no reason your home office can’t compliment and fit in with your home décor, reflect your personality and taste and be a room that you love and look forward to being in.

Here’s a look at some key home office trends you might want to consider.

White Space

Painting your walls bright, fun colors can be tempting. While this may be great for the rest of your home, in the office it can be distracting and overwhelming. Try to keep your walls light and neutral which will make it easier to focus and work productively. You can always add some fun to other areas.


When you are working in your office for long periods, it can be tiring so it’s a good idea to have space where you can relax and chill out. Add a comfortable seat, sofa, or a reading nook for when you need a break from work.

You should also place close attention to the comfort of your desk and office chair. Make sure they are ergonomic and supportive.

Statement Pieces

Look at some statement pieces such as a trendy sofa from Joybird to add some color and style to your office as well as comfort.

Clever Storage

If you’ve got a smaller home office, you may need to be clever with your storage solutions. Hang hooks on your doors, install shelves above your desk and a filing cabinet underneath.

Fitting it In

Many of us simply don’t have a spare room at home to add an office. So, instead, we have to fit one in where we can. Some fantastic options include converting the area under your stairs or taking the doors off a large closet.


Adding art to your office walls can look both stylish and professional. Think about what you like, but make sure it’s calming and not too distracting.

Remember, your home décor is very much all about you. Your personality should shine through in every detail, and this is no different in your office. Make it a room that you love and that you’re keen to show off.

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