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Head hunter, employment recruiter, hiring firm, employment service, executive search agency, etc. these are the many names of a recruiting firm. There is no need for stats or pie charts to prove that almost the entire world, whether you are an employee or an employer, relies on these firms. They are trustworthy and effective. A candidate relies on them for their efficacy and quality jobs. An employer chooses them for their transparency in the hiring process and bringing a qualified and eligible employee to them.

Recruitment firms in this day and age can be called the most valuable part of the employment industry. They are proficient in every sector and give the best results every time.  These firms ease the trouble of the hiring team of the company and save them time and energy. Of course, for the candidate to be finally chosen, he or she will have to give an interview at the company, but the procedures before that are conducted by an employment recruiter and that benefits the company.

The Advantages of Employment Recruiters

 1. Saves Time

Hiring an employee can be very time-consuming. It will shorten the time taken for evaluating and selecting a candidate. The recruitment agency can find an employee much faster than your hiring team. The talent pool in their database is vast. They have a network of connections to leverage. Not just that, they have access to systems that helps them locate people with the exact skills that a company is looking for some skills can be hard to find, but not for the recruiting firms. 

Usually, when a company is looking to hire employees, countless candidates apply and it’s not easy screening all the applications and then selecting one candidate. Recruiting agencies are professionals and experts in finding the right candidate and it takes them less than half the time than the hiring manager in the company.

The firms have access to a huge network of connections to leverage and advanced system that helps them locate the right candidate with just the right skill that the company is looking for. With the help of the right recruiting agency, only the candidates fit for your job are referred to the company, which makes saves a lot of time for the hiring manager and other employees of the company.

2. High-Quality Candidates

Through recruitment agencies, the employer only gets to meet the highly qualified candidates, unless they are looking for interns. These firms have access to pre-screened, talented, skilful and referenced candidates only. They will take no time to refer them to your company.

They send qualified candidates only after assessing, verifying and crosschecking their details with them. They even interview them based on the company’s requirements. This is their forte and they are experts at evaluating a candidate, so before they refer them to the company, they assess them carefully.

After the interview, when they feel they are the right candidate for you, they ask the candidate’s requirement as well, so that their values match the standards of the company, which is all the more perfect.

3. Specialist Recruitment Knowledge

A company at many points grows and changes, and the company’s recruitment team may not be equipped and familiar with some complex interviews that have to be conducted at that point. A recruitment agency conducts a hundred interviews daily.

Their staff is well-versed, experienced and specialized in recruiting employees in numerous sectors. They for very obvious reasons have detailed knowledge about any job position, they are well aware of the technicality behind it and the exact skills that are required. They can easily spot transferable skills that the company’s in-house recruiting team might fail to notice.

4. Focus on Serving the Client

The best part about choosing a recruiting firm is its efficiency. Even when it comes to compensation, it is often believed that candidate screening begins after the firm is paid.

On the contrary, it begins as soon as they are appointed. If there is no placement, the recruitment agency won’t be charging any fee for the work done. This can only mean one thing that they are just focused on finding you the right employee. They are genuinely interested in providing you with the best possible candidates. Professionalism and commitment.

5. Knowledge of the Market

Recruiting agencies to have a dearth of knowledge about all the sectors and fields of the employment industry. They do not require a lot of information about a certain position in the office. They know their job and do it well. They deal with countless clients and candidates every day. Due to this, they gain their knowledge right from the practical world and not through research. This means they understand what the company is looking for in a required field and the exact credentials.

This also means that they can provide useful insights and sage advice to candidates who are genuinely interested in working for the company. This is a pivotal part of any recruiting agency which makes them all the more reliable. Even as someone from the company hiring an employee, will get access to the information regarding career and skills expectations, hiring advancements and complexities, trending salary rates and the current trends in the market through the recruiting agencies which a hiring manager would not be able to acquire on her or his own.

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6. Extended Reach

Although the agencies are never run short of qualified candidates, they still are on the lookout for good candidates. Some experienced candidates are not aware of the right recruiting firms and how they function. There might be some candidates with excellent credentials who are not looking for jobs. These firms address them as passive talent and include them in the list of candidates they already have in their systems. For future references, they keep these potential candidates ready.

7. Placement Guarantees

One of the most important advantages for the companies to use a recruiting firm is the security of recruitment. These firms offer guarantee periods of the employee. Before they refer the candidate to the company.

For many companies, the most important advantage of using a recruitment agency instead of in-house recruiters is that recruitment agencies offer additional security when it comes to new hire retention. All the best recruitment agencies offer guarantee periods. This means that they guarantee you that your new hire will stay at your company for a certain time (usually 3-6 months).

If your new hire is terminated or leaves before the expiry of a guarantee period, recruitment agencies will give you a full refund or, most commonly, find a new, replacement candidate for no extra charge.

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency?

Whether you are a start-up or have a multi-million dollar business, relying on a recruiting agency will always be profitable for you in every sense. However, choosing one agency can be slightly tricky. They all are effective and trust-worthy, so how to select the right one and begin the recruiting process?

1. Your Hiring Objective

First things first, as a hiring manager you need to identify your objective. You must discuss the chief priorities of your business and challenges while hiring an employee with your team. Include everyone who usually is a part of the company’s hiring process. Management could also be having some value output to contribute to the meeting.

Some important matters could be discussed such as:

  • Whether the job opening is permanent, interim, contract-based or an amalgamation of them?
  • What is the maximum recruiting time?
  • What are the key skills that would be preferred other than the credentials?
  • Is the recruiting company experiencing high turnover?

These are a mix of questions related to the requirement of the company and choosing the right recruiting firm. Sort and discuss them with your team and then proceed to look for the right recruiting firm. By the end of the meeting, you will have an objective and criteria for selecting the right agency.

By now, you must have finalized a few agencies. Research them well. How the agency functions are thoroughly based upon its management and recruiting team. Some agencies that have their bios updated on their website. Their bios speak for their leadership and management. Compare the corporate websites of the agencies.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to find information about the agency. Details about their recruiters could also be found on such sites.

Dennis Tupper from Eliassen Group says, 

 “If you are recruiting for hard-to-fill skill sets — which is most likely why you are engaging an agency — you want to find the best candidates. Experienced recruiters have spent years setting up networks of great candidates. These candidates are not found on job boards, as they do not need to post their resumes.
You hire the agency recruiter for their network of candidates that no one else can find. That is worth more than a couple of dollars per hour for a contract candidate or the few thousand dollars it may cost on a permanent placement to hire the best agency.
Time-to-fill will be less and the candidate quality will be better. Those are the two most important aspects of hire, and you cannot get them without using an experienced recruiter.”

2. Every Recruiting Firm Is Different

This is a very competitive industry and different agencies have different approaches and business strategies. They all have their unique recruiting methods and have their separate philosophy on talent acquisition which may or may not match with your company’s approach or values.

Some agencies are all-rounders. They can get you candidates from any given fields. There are some agencies, however, you only deal in a few selected fields. These are niche agencies. They specialize in a particular job type or field. This does not affect their efficacy. This is simply the reach of their expertise. Strong niche agencies have massive networks and histories in the employment industry. They are experts in their recruitment process and researching the demography.  They are highly knowledgeable and find you just the right candidate from anywhere.

What you as a hiring manager of the company needs to know that although they do have equal standards, you need to identify the values, goals and work process that aligns with your company standards.

3. Test  Their Online Networks

The online presence of an agency carries a lot of weight in the industry. Their reach in social media and their skill to connect with the potential candidate just shows how successful they are in convincing and interacting with passive talents. The best way to test their command in the virtual world is by following them online and connecting with the recruiters on social media platforms and online portals. Their network strength and audience say it all about their expertise.

Career Networking-how to start a career-Freelance vs. Full-Time Software Developer-Freelancer-Software Tester-Employment Recruiting Agency

Some pointers can be considered while testing their online networks:

  • Their process and procedure of searching for candidates online.
  • Their level of activity on social media networks
  • If they are part of any professional associations.
  • Is their contribution to the employment industry valuable?
  • Are they knowledgeable enough to assist you?
  • Whether they have worked for your company before? If yes, how was the experience?
  • Check for any visible postings when you search the agency on Google.

Jennifer Brown from PeopleTactics says

“Interview the recruiters just as you would a candidate for employment. Ask: Do you have candidates for my position already in your database? How will you find and assess the candidates for my position? How will you keep me up-to-date on the status of candidates? How long will it take to fill the position?”

It is highly important that the vision with which the recruitment agency works aligns with the values of the company. In the end, what matters is that the agency and the company’s work ethics match and that they are compatible through their attributes.

Choosing an employment recruiter is not as difficult as hiring an employee but it does take time to choose one among the best-recruiting firms available.

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Santosh Booluck is a recruiting lead at Right Fit Recruitment Inc to deliver quality talents across the industries in Canada and the USA. He also grooms aspiring entrepreneurs through his business coaching sessions via podcasts and YouTube videos.

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