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Hiring top-notch specialists for your startup can be the task easily performed by a company’s CEO. For example, every recent hiring decision made by Yahoo was carefully analyzed by Marissa Mayer. Such a situation is a common thing among many startups.

Thus, Mark Zuckerberg allocated much time for recruiting employees. That is why Facebook appears to be so efficient in hiring people who suit their positions perfectly.

The question is how to approach the recruitment process in a way to facilitate a company’s growth. Here are some tips on how you can be a successful recruiter yourself without delegating that role to others.

1. Explain Your Expectations Clearly

In the case of new companies, its direction may change in the process. Therefore, you should explain what targets you intend to achieve and how they might change. With the growing needs of your company, you will need to introduce more workload to your employees.

Without overloading them with different responsibilities, you should expect them to develop in the process. According to Firas Kittaneh, if your potential employee proves to be capable of handling more workload, you may want to hire this person.

2. Show Positive Attitude to Every Potential Employee

According to Ali Chapman, Co-founder of EssayOnTime, it is a good idea to display a friendly attitude to attract and keep the right candidates. You should consider inviting them for coffee one at a time and have talked to learn these people more.

The thing is that seeing how a person acts when they are relaxed will make it clearer how they would fit your company. That cannot be achieved during a traditional interview.

3. Take Advantage of Your Network

According to Dan Gellert, the GateGuru CEO, all entrepreneurs should use their network consisting of colleagues when they have to hire employees. He used his connections to hire all the employees for GateGuru.

There is no denying the fact that recommendations for those who you can rely on prove to be rather valuable. At the same time, one should remain professional and hire people only if they possess the required skills rather than because they were recommended by your friends or relatives.

4. When Hiring Employees Consider Them to Be Your Partners

This approach will allow you to hire truly professional people who can have an impact on your business as they have much say in a company. There are two reasons why such an approach can be viewed as effective.

Firstly, it ensures that a company is attractive for the cream of the crop. Secondly, when viewing your employees as partners, your role as a recruiter significantly expands.

5. Prioritize Values of the Company

According to Brian de Haaf, it is crucial to explain clearly why the company has a certain set of values when making a hiring decision. That is normally referred to as the responsive method that largely influences the company’s growth.

6. Approach Hiring Process Slowly, While Firing Fast

It is argued that even though allocating a great deal of time on a hiring process may be quite expensive, it is more expensive to hire the wrong employee while it is better to make a firing decision fast once you see that an employee fails to meet your expectations.

7. Invite Potential Employees to Complete a Test Project

Here, there can be mentioned a so-called take-home role play. Under its scenario, candidates have all but 48 hours to handle 3/5 case studies. With the help of these case studies, a recruiter may understand how a certain candidate can act in the company when it comes to interaction with co-workers and customer service.

8. Set a Growth-Oriented Workplace Environment

When looking for talented people for your organization, you should ensure a growth-oriented environment. That can be achieved through sharing time with them and encouraging their skills development.

9. Ensure Real Experience for Employees

In doing that, not only your employees will benefit but you as well. Additionally, this will show how any given person can fit in an expected position and find common ground with other employees.

All things considered, hiring may prove to be a frustrating process for a manager unless they have a clear tactic. The tips illustrated above can be a helpful tool for any startup company. Irrespectively of the field, any CEO can apply them efficiently.


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