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When you’re graduating from school, one of the worst questions that you have to answer is where to go further. Whether you should attend some college classes, complete a full MA degree, or maybe you’re good with wood and carpentry is your calling?

These are the questions that are tough to answer, so many young people are guided by the earnings they can expect to get from a particular profession. And if you’re one of them, then don’t worry, this is a good start for your research.

Most frequently it is believed that most high-paying jobs involve medicine or law. Yet according to Glass-door report, there are also lots of other possibilities that don’t involve such kind of involvement.

If you’re not fond of medicine or the legal field, you still can have a pretty fair salary after all.

Based on the report from Glass-door and a couple of other sources below you can find the list of 15 most paying jobs for your consideration. Go through them before applying to any college.

15. Attorney

Median Base Salary: $94,695

This profession involves a number of branches, including divorce, bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, and many other types of lawyers.

Lawyers help people protect their rights in any controversial life situation.

14. Scrum Master

Median Base Salary: $95,167

Scrum master is the person who unites a team in a big company and facilitates the agile development of that team. Though it’s a new job position in the market, it gets more and more popular every day.

13. Systems Architect

Median Base Salary: $97,873

System architects are people from the field of IT. They create networking and computer systems and are responsible for provisioning, configuring, and operating all network systems which are the backbone of any modern business.

12. Actuary

Median Base Salary: $99,507

The word itself doesn’t say much about the profession, yet it is of utmost importance for many growing businesses today.

These experts analyze the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty from the financial point of view. They mostly look at the uncertain future events of a company, and very often at those related to insurance and pension programs.

The most common job ambiance for actuaries is insurance companies, though they are also in high demand at consulting firms, employee benefits departments of large corporations, government, hospitals, investment firms, and banks.

11. Data Architect

Median Base Salary: $102,091

Data architects deal with data relevant to any particular business, including this data integration and maintenance.

Their job description includes understanding and analysis of the data to identify if and how the data relate to business operations and so affect future changes.

10. Nurse Practitioner

Median Base Salary: $104,144

Nurse practitioners most often work within the existing healthcare teams. They are similar to regular practitioners, yet can treat not all existing illnesses without supervision.

A nurse practitioner can diagnose and treats episodic, acute, or chronic illness independently.

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9. IT Architect

Median Base Salary: $105,303

This is the number one persona in any company that works on or with computers. IT architect is a specialist who designs ways to upgrade and reconstruct the company’s computer systems.

8. Corporate Controller

Median Base Salary: $110,855

While the position sounds unfamiliar, in reality, this person deals with numbers and money. This is a supervisory position in the accounting department of any company.

The corporate controller oversees the working process and quality of an organization’s accounting department.

7. Research and Development Manager

Median Base Salary: $111,905

Research and development managers direct all research and business development programs as well as initiatives that involve introducing any possible new products into the existing business framework of a company.

These professionals also provide recommendations for upgrading ad updating existing infrastructure and products.

6. Physician Assistant

Median Base Salary: $112,529

This is a well-known well-paid profession that can allow you to work with people and at the same time not have much responsibility at work.

Physician assistants provide a great variety of healthcare services that are typically performed by a physician. For instance, a physician assistant will conduct complete physicals, provide proper treatment, and counsel patients on behalf of a physician.

5. Pharmacist

Median Base Salary: $125,847

Everyone knows who pharmacists are, but not so many people know how much this job can offer in terms of income. While being a pharmacist seems to be an easy thing to do, in fact, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills for dispensing prescription medications and the provision of truthful information about those medications to patients.

4. Medical Science Liason

Median Base Salary: $132,842

There are even movies screened about his professional Medical science liaison is a person who communicates to the public and hospitals the scientific benefits of specific medical products. This profession frequently involves a lot of traveling and business trips.

3. Patent Attorney

Median Base Salary: $139,272

Yes, the lawyers have already been mentioned on the list in general, but patent attorneys are doing a few different jobs. These experts work with investors and manufacturers as advisors about the laws related to patents.

2. Pharmacy Manager

Median Base Salary: $149,064

The pharmacy manager is the main supervisor of any pharmacy. This person knows everything about the meds sold there, they know which ones must be sold only with prescriptions and which ones can be sold without any papers. These are the heads of pharmacies who oversee and manage all operations. It is also one of the best highest-paying jobs.

1. Physician

Median Base Salary: $187,876

This is the number one highest-paying job worldwide. Physicians examine patients at the primary examination and prescribe the proper medication when needed. These doctors also treat various injuries and illnesses.

Now you know the possibly lying in front of you in terms of career choice. However always remember, that whatever the numbers may say, the right choice of your future career is the one you feel right about.

Choose the profession not only considering the payment, but also personal satisfaction and interest that you personally have about it. The more satisfactory job you’ll have, the happier your life will be!

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