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You must have heard a lot of times that Digital marketing has huge scope and higher salaries. But have you ever wondered, if it’s true or not?

The information is correct indeed. The digital marketing domain is flourishing these days and will have immense demand in the coming future as well.

Those who are planning to make a career in the digital marketing field are certainly going to have the most profitable career as highest-paying jobs are coming up for you.

Along with the great salary packages, the field gives you the opportunity to work freely from anywhere across the globe.

You just need a laptop or a computer system and a good internet connection to initiate your career as a digital marketer. There is really no end to what you can earn and what you can achieve as a digital marketer. 

You can connect with millions of people across the globe through social media platforms in a matter of seconds.

And this makes Digital marketing highly demanded skills in the Indian job market. Every business regardless of shapes and sizes have started investing in digital marketing to promote their products and services.

I saw a lot of questions on what are the highly demanded Digital Marketing job profiles or what are the trendiest skills in the current job market?

 Actually, digital marketing is a vast domain. And certainly, we can’t master every aspect of it. Thankfully, there are a lot of sub-skills to master. And you can pick the field in which you want to learn in deep.

There are a lot of jobs in digital marketing for you. And here we have shared the 6 highly demanded Digital Marketing skills:

1) Search Engine Optimization- SEO

Search Engine Optimization

You will not be surprised seeing SEO skills at the top of the list. Some people think that SEO is dead, but there is no truth in this fact.

SEO is still important for your business. However, SEO is much more than just ranking up your website on search results for a particular search query.SEO has changed a lot with time. Due to the continuous updates in the search algorithm, SEO techniques are evolving.

Now Marketers have realized the importance of white hat SEO practices such as Content promotion, guest posting.

 All these major changes in the SEO world inspire businesses to hire a dedicated team for handling their website SEO effectively.

Now it becomes necessary for businesses to have an SEO team as they don’t want to lose their organic customers. They need SEO experts who know the importance of providing value to the customers, and able to keep up with the changing SEO world.

You can learn SEO for a high-paying job role in the digital marketing domain. However, you should know that SEO is not easy and requires patience and regular effort.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in SEO:

1) SEO Trainee /Junior SEO Executive

2) SEO Executive/ SEO Analyst

3)Sr. SEO Executive/ Sr. SEO Consultant/ Sr. SEO Analyst

4) SEO Team Lead/ SEO Manager/

5) Online Marketing Specialist/ Web Marketing Manager/

Average Salary Range: 

The average salary for an SEO Specialist is $45,223. –Payscale

2) Pay Per Click- PPC

Pay Per Click

Along with SEO, PPC skills are highly demanded in the Digital Marketing sphere.

Businesses have started investing in Paid Advertisement to produce greater revenues. But the major issue is that they don’t have enough knowledge to allocate the budget, to design a proper Ad for generating revenue from paid ads.

 And that’s the reason they want PPC specialists for their business. The main goal of a PPC expert is to design engaging ad campaigns and to ensure top rankings in paid search results. 

This may sound easy to you but in reality, it’s a tough task.

For the PPC ad specialist role you should have a strong understanding of Google Analytics and Google AdWords. You should have the capability to generate paid campaigns that can provide measurable outcomes to your customers.  PPC is complicated and requires investment with high risk. And that’s the reason it’s one of the highest paying profiles in Digital marketing.

 You should know how to drive targeted traffic at the possible lowest cost. 

Here are the most in-demand jobs in PPC:

  • PPC Executive
  • Senior Executive- PPC
  • PPC Manager/ Campaign Manager
  • PPC Expert/Specialist/ SEM Expert

Average Salary Range:

The average salary for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Professional is $39,839 –Payscale

3) Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a powerful weapon in the modern marketing world. The popularity of social media platforms is growing at the speed of light. And certainly, it will not be slowing down.

Presently, almost 1/3rd of the world population is using some kind of social platform. And it’s not a matter of surprise that companies will not skip the opportunity to expand their business through social media platforms.

 However, they don’t know which social media platform is best for them. How they can leverage social media to maximize their profit. And that’s why social media has become a valuable skill.

 Social media is a lot more than just posting the content and sharing the post on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

 If you want a bright career then you need to master the art of marketing a business on social media.

 You need to know the best platform for your business, the best time to share your post, the type of images and content that are best to engage your audience. You should know the art of copywriting, visual marketing and most important color psychology. 

 I know it’s difficult, but gaining mastery in social media can provide you a highly rewarding career.

Social Media Job roles are divided into two segments- Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Social Media:

  • Social media manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Social media specialist
  • Community manager
  • Social Media Moderator/ Executive
  • Social Media Specialist/Consultant

Average Salary Range: 

The Average Salary for a Social Media Manager Salary is $49,881 –Payscale

4) Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing plays a significant role in business success. If you have a huge email subscriber list and you know how to use them, you can make huge profits every month without any extra efforts.

 If you want a career where you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for clients, then learn email marketing. However, writing and sending emails to subscribers is not email marketing. An email marketer is responsible for the whole process.

Email marketing is more than just writing Fancy mails. 

You need to understand that businesses are looking for experts who can help them in building huge email lists from scratch. And then utilize them to achieve desired goals. You need to know how to define an email campaign, how to test your emails through different browsers and how to measure results to generate reports.

 If you gain mastery in email marketing from start to finish, you will have a large list of clients and businesses wanting to work with you.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Email Campaign Specialist
  • Email Marketing Executive

Average Salary Range:

The Average Salary for an Email Marketing Specialist is $53,209 –Payscale

5) Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

You can’t deny the importance of mobile marketing in the modern world. Almost 70% of your website traffic is coming from mobile. 

 Though there are a lot of similarities in desktop and mobile marketing but have enough variations to count mobile marketing as a fundamental standalone skill.

As a mobile marketer, you need to know the differences and why mobile marketing is important for businesses. You should know the features of mobile marketing like SMS and responsive design. A major advantage of mobile marketing jobs is that there is less competition in this field, unlike SEO and Social Media. 

You probably see Social media and SEO experts or consultants all over the web. But certainly, you have never heard about mobile marketing experts.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Mobile Marketing:

  • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • Mobile Marketing Manager
  • Head- Mobile Marketing & Advertising

 Average Salary Range:

The Average Salary for a Mobile Marketing Manager is $74,874 –Payscale

6) Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We all know that content is king. We are living in an age where everybody wants information. If you don’t have valuable content then you will not be able to engage your visitors.

Businesses are in utter need of good content curators, who can generate content that can provide value to their customers. With the evolution of content marketing, Content Management/Marketing becomes the highly demanded skill, particularly for small businesses and startups.

If you know how to create outstanding content for brands then the content marketing field is best for you.

Moreover, Social Media, SEO, and Content are interrelated with each other. If your content is great, no one can stop you to go viral on social media and rank higher on search results.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Email Marketing:

  • SEO Content Writer
  • E-commerce Content Writer
  • Web Copywriter
  • Content Marketing Consultant/ Specialist

 Average Salary Range:

The Average Salary for a Content Marketer is $50,851 –Payscale


Currently, Digital marketing is one of the best fields to start your career. If you achieve mastery in the digital sphere, then there is no limit to grow, learn and achieve big.

So, go ahead and learn as much as you can!

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Manju Rai is currently working as an ORM+SEO Manager with Digiperform- Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company. She has a great passion for Digital Marketing and has 5 years of experience in helping small and medium-sized organizations to improve their search ranking and enhance their online presence and reputation.

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