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Take a stroll down memory lane; you will remember the difficulties you have faced when seeking your first job. Regardless of where you are today and what your designation is, you had faced multiple issues when you were seeking your first job.

Over a billion people are living their ordinary lives when it comes to job search, the number is on the rise along with the plethora of challenges such as lack of opportunities, lack of experience and low compensation or sometimes you have to work for free.

We all want to feed our thirst for a lavish lifestyle, and we are interested in high-paying careers. Some people hunt for exciting, challenging, and rewarding jobs and the life dream of many is landing on the highest paying jobs.

But, these jobs are lucrative, they need a specific skill set that is hard to acquire, or take years to master. This plenty of careers can bring you hefty paychecks and help you to achieve the kind of lifestyle that you want.

If you are looking for a gratifying job with a high salary, make sure you are pursuing one of the roles I am summing up here for your convenience.

1. Orthodontist

The chances of growth, in the vast field of dentistry with nine specialties, are expected to increase by 16 percent, at an above-average rate, until 2018.

Job opportunities are spurring in this field because of an increase in the aging population requiring more dental treatments, the overall increase in population, and increasing awareness about the importance of good dental hygiene among people.

Healthcare professionals who graduated and specialized in the field of orthodontics are orthodontists. It is a specialty field of dentistry, and the professionals in this area have to undergo training in dental school after graduating.

Their job is to diagnose, prevent, and correct misplaced teeth or jaws even they fix faces misplaced because of teeth. The exact treatment process depends on the problem, but generally, the orthodontist job is using braces, wear headgear and remove the teeth which are not looking aesthetically appealing.

The basic salary of orthodontics is approximately $221,000.

2. Anesthesiologist

Medical doctors that focus on the care of surgical patients and pain relief by administering anesthesia are called Anesthesiologists. They evaluate, treat patients by coordinating the efforts of their staff members. Job opportunities for anesthesiologists are in outpatient surgical centers and hospitals.

You can find them in a group or private practice, academic medical centers, and urgent care centers or the military. Comparatively, anesthesiology work demands you to work long hectic hours, mostly they work up to 60 hours a week or more than that.

These professionals are accountable for overseeing the combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses which can cause anesthesia. It enables the surgeons and other physicians to conduct their procedures on the patient when he is at ease and comfortable.

The correct definition of anesthesiologists suggests these are the individuals who hold one’s life during an invasive procedure and they are responsible for post operations after his recovery from the side effects of anesthesia.  

This brilliant yet exciting and highest paying job is attracting a large number of individuals from the industry by offering a basic salary of $246,320 annually.  

3. Surgeon

Surgeons are dominating the job market. They command the highest median salary among all career choices including both in and out of healthcare because the job of a surgeon requires a specialized skill set, extensive knowledge, and vast experiences.

Surgeons are employes at hospitals, medical clinics, assisted living facilities, universities and colleges, and community health care centers. You can find many surgeons in private practices which they have established and managed on their own.

When we talk about surgeons, we talk about the doctor making treatment of injuries, diseases, and deformities through operations. Surgeons utilize different tools to rectify physical deformation, bone, and tissue maintenance specialists by conducting preventive or elective surgeries on patients.

The general surgeon, orthopedic surgery, neurological surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and reconstructive surgery are some of the field undertaken by the surgeons.

In this area, you can expect to earn an annual median wage of $352,000 with ten years projected growth of 18%.

4. Family and General Practitioner

Family and general practitioners are the family doctors responsible for performing general physician duties. From sinus and respiratory infection to fractured bones they treat all.

These professionals diagnose, treat and provide preventative measures on disease and common injuries that present in the general population and require immediate intervention.

The General practitioners are not confined to specific organs of the body because they have multiple skills and they can treat different health issues.

These individuals are trained to prescribe treatment, therapy, medication, and vaccination. They can collect the information, monitor the progress of the patients, and give them advice on disease prevention.

Usually Family and general practitioners, establish their clientele or you can find them in hospitals and medical centers.

An annual median wage of the surgeon is around $180,180, and the growth outlook for this profession is 18%.

Regardless of health and age, people need a general practice physician and the demand for them is on the rise with an increase in access to health insurance.

5. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists, professionals specialized in psychiatry branch of medicine. They are dedicated to diagnose, treat, and study to prevent mental and substance disorders.

These medical doctors are uniquely qualified to understand the psychological and physical health of their patients.

You need four-year education in medical school and an additional three years in psychiatric for an average earning of $182, 700 annually.

6. Chief Executive Officer

The group of most senior corporate officers is the highest-paid group of people all over the world.

Running an organization effectively and efficiently is a highly stressful job with extreme challenges. They are responsible for overseeing the execution of the long-term strategy for the organization to create value for the shareholders.

CEO is the decision-maker and a figure who acts as a bridge between the board of directors and the management and responsible for the execution of the long-term as well as short-term managerial strategies.  

The life of a CEO is not about having indulgent lunches and having the rounds of golf while other mugs are busy in doing hard work. It is much more than that, and a CEO is responsible for everything from a paper clip to developing strategies for growth and development of the organization.

The job market for CEOs is full of opportunities with high salary packages. Average pay in the corporate world for CEO is less than the wage of medical doctors, but an annual median wage or senior-level corporate executives is $180,700 with a projected growth rate of 11% over the next few years

7. Pilot/Co-Pilot

A pilot, as a career choice, appeals to many because it promises a whole lot of perks and benefits with attractive salaries and an opportunity to travel the whole world.

The job of the commercial pilot sounds glamorous and exciting at the same time, and they have myriad options available for employment.

Pilots are considered to be the finest, most robust, and best career choice across the globe. Flying demands highly trained and skilled individuals because it does not require much physical effort.

The level of mental stress is high because the responsibility of the pilot to make sure the flight of an aircraft full of passengers is safe in all kinds and weather and that is demanding. The sudden spurt in demand for pilots suggests airlines require 4 to 10 pilots per aircraft.

If you love adventures and traveling is your hobby, then the career in the aviation industry is the right track you can follow. You need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the aviation-related discipline and spend several hundred for both theory and practicals.

Qualified pilots can work on commercial airlines with an average salary of $140,260.

8. Lawyer

Lawyers are trained individuals advising their clients in different legal matters including civil or criminal cases. Their job revolves around conducting extensive legal research, taking part in informal hearings, and drafting and filing of the legal documents.

They are also responsible for denoting their clients in the courtroom and give advisory counsel. When we talk about salary ranks, the scope of lawyers is broad. They have an endless stream of opportunities in private, public, government, and international settings.

You can find lawyers practicing various areas which include environmental law, corporate law, tax law. Intellectual property law, family law, and most important criminal law.

This profession required seven years of qualification, and this is something that pays you off in the long run. The annual mean wage of lawyers is $133,260 which is much better than the professionals in other fields.

Salary can vary depending on a few factors such as the area of law which you are practicing, the country

9. Data Scientist

A current revolution in information technology has made data scientists a burgeoning career for people. The skillset required in this field is still new, and the people trained in data science are commanding competitive salaries in the job market.

The data scientist is a considered to be a craven data field of science. This interdisciplinary filed analyze scientific methods, system, and processes to pull knowledge and insights from data in various forms which include both structured and unstructured ways.

Software Programmer - Highest Paid Jobs

Source – Pexels.com

Data scientists analyze data to make it understandable through difficult techniques that require specialized skills and techniques with a knowledge of different fields including mathematics, information science, and computer science.

Data scientists are highly trained, and intelligent people and they can move up in their tracks as per the amount of schooling and training. They move up in their area specialize in a particular skillset and earn a high salary.

According to an estimate in 2015, the average wage of data scientists was $124,150, and the expected growth rate in this profession is 15% over the next decades.

10. Air Traffic Controller

Ait traffic Controllers are highly trained professionals who respond to make sure that the aviation industry is running smoothly and safely. Job responsibilities of these individuals are challenging as well as demanding but immensely rewarding too, as keep the busiest airspace moving for 24 hours a day.  

Air traffic controllers provide air traffic service for a safe, efficient, and orderly flow of air traffic both in the air and on the ground at an airport.

The air traffic controller is a primary concern of the is to make sure that the flight is safe, they also direct the aircraft efficiently to minimize the delays as much as possible.

They manage the traffic flow, guide pilots during take-off and landing process and monitor the plane when it is traveling through skies. They need to maintain multiple aircraft and so a quick decision-making power is essential.

Automation and the economic woes of the traveling industry have decreased the demand for air traffic control but the stress and specialized skills required in the job command a very high pay scale.

An annual median wage of an air traffic controller for the year 2015 is $122,340, and the growth outlook is 1% for the next 10 years.

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