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In life, one of the critical decisions you will make is choosing a career path. To some, it may be a walk in the park as they knew what they want to be since their childhood years. For many of us, we keep changing our choices as the years go by.

Different elements influence our choice of career. Someplace emphasis on prestige, others on purpose, among many other things. It could be the reason why you are working on your cardiology fellowship personal statement, at this moment.

You probably feel a calling to be in healthcare. The field of healthcare has been projected to continue growing at a significant rate. Baby boomers, children, and those of us in our prime years need to care for our health.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in healthcare, before you start drafting your statement for fellowship, below is a list of highest paying jobs in healthcare.

You don’t need to be a doctor to earn a significant amount. We have compiled this article based on the ranking by US News and World Report.

 1. Anesthesiologist

When surgeons and other physicians need to perform an invasive procedure, they need an Anesthesiologist to administer either regional or general anesthesia. It can be a pretty stressful profession. You will also need to monitor the patient before, during, and after surgery.

One needs to be able to use the limited data available to make rapid decisions. Anesthesia helps the surgeon or physicians to perform their procedures with little or no discomfort to the patient. The expertise of an anesthesiologist isn’t limited to the operating room; they are also valuable in invasive radiology, electrophysiology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, etc.

They top the list with a median annual salary of $269,600.

2. Surgeon

To realize your dreams of becoming a Surgeon, you will need to complete your degree program and four years in medical school. In addition to that, you will have to go through a Surgical Residency Program. It usually takes a minimum of five years to complete.

It is an outstanding healthcare job that requires rigorous training. Surgeons need to open up the bodies of their patients. It is to correct deformities, injuries, and diseases. You can become a general surgeon or choose a specialization as neurological, plastic surgery, orthopedic, or cardiovascular surgeon.

The mean annual salary of a surgeon is $252910. 

3. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Obstetricians and Gynecologists perform different duties. However, some are both and are referred to as OB-GYNs. Their task is in helping women maintain their reproductive health.

OB-GYNs, help in delivering babies and monitoring the mother-to-be, throughout pregnancy. On the other hand, a Gynecologist specializes in assisting patients with abnormal bleeding, screening for STDs and HPV. They also help in managing of contraceptives.

Obstetrics as a surgical field deals in childbirth. To be an Obstetrician, you have to be a Gynecologist. OB-GYN’s typically work in the labor and delivery section of the hospital. Their mean annual salary as per the report is $234310. 

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

With an annual mean wage of $232,870, Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are not your regular dentist. They have to undergo further training in surgery. It typically takes four years.

This training helps them perform surgical procedures such as a facelift or fixing a cleft lip. They specialize in operations about the jaw, face, and mouth. Such doctors can also diagnose cancer and administer anesthesia.

You have to commit to continual learning to succeed in this field. It is so because technological advances are changing how surgeries can be done.   

5. Orthodontist

In an age where appearances matter, it is no wonder that Orthodontists receive a fat paycheck, at a mean annual salary of $228,780. They help in improving the smile of their patients. Orthodontists can achieve this by realigning crooked teeth and fixing the irregular bite.

They can create an optimized plan for each patient after examining their mouths and jaws. It may include the use of braces, retainers, or other appliances.

Working in Healthcare

6. Physician

The term encompasses neurologists, gynecologists, ER doctors, obstetricians, dermatologists, cardiologists, to primary care doctors. They can be separated into two main categories, i.e., D.O.s (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine), or M.D.s (Medical Doctors).

Physicians diagnose and treat a range of medical issues. In addition to this, a D.O. can also specialize in a holistic approach to patient care and preventive medicine. A physician is the one you go to when suffering from cold or coughs.

They can specialize further in other areas, such as plastic surgery, pediatrics, urology, etc. The median annual salary is $201,840.

7. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists deal with the mental health of their patients. Their tasks are diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. In treating these diseases, a psychiatrist can use a combination of methods, which may include writing prescriptions and even hospitalization.

Once you complete medical school, you will also have to undergo a psychiatry residency program. The training that a psychiatrist goes through gives them a better understanding of the relationship between the ailments of the mind and our bodies.

The average annual salary of a psychiatrist is $194,740.

8. Pediatrician

Do you love working with children and in their healthcare? It could be the field for you. A pediatrician specializes in the health of children until young adulthood. It includes their physical, social, and emotional well-being.

The field has numerous subspecialties to choose from, something to think about as you look for cardiology personal statements, services. From hematology, neonatology, to psychiatry. It is an opportunity to do more in preventive care.

The healthcare jobs will involve advocacy for issues faced by children as they aren’t able to speak out on their own. As you advocate for the best course of care, you will also need to communicate the same to both the patient and parents.

Currently, the median salary range for a pediatrician is $168,990.

9. Dentist

I don’t remember any moment where I was excited about a visit to the dentist, especially in my childhood days. The duties of a dentist revolve around the oral health of their patients. To help the patient maintain proper health of their teeth, gums, and mouths; dentists diagnose oral diseases.

They can also extract teeth or fill one’s cavities if it’s the optimal treatment option. Dentists have an average annual salary of $159,770. Even as more people seek cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening, the demand for dentists is still on the high.

10. Prosthodontist

They are dental specialists in healthcare jobs who to replace missing teeth, build oral prostheses. It helps patients in improving their appearance and restores their ability in performing daily tasks such as speaking and eating.

A prosthodontist can also help a cancer patient to resume normal functions of the mouth, after treatment. It applies to those who may have trouble kissing, communicating, and even eating.

According to the report, a Prosthodontists’s median annual salary is $126,050.        


As fields in healthcare jobs top the rankings of best-paying jobs, it is time to make good use of your passion. If you are driven by pay also, then, the above fields can be your guiding lights.

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

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