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A career change at any point in your life always entails some risk and difficulty. Despite this, it’s a risk worth going for if it’s something you’ve thought over and decided on thoroughly.

There are various reasons why people want a career change and for many, one of the main reasons is the pay. If you’re looking for a high-paying industry you can pursue, look no further with this carefully curated list below.

1. Healthcare Sector

The health sector is one of 2016’s highest paying industries and rightly so with a profit margin of 21.6%. With a steadily rising growth rate, it’s no wonder that those who work in the field are compensated as well.

Regardless of the high pay, however, getting into the industry requires specialized knowledge. Often involving a bachelor’s degree and at least two to three years of specialization in your chosen occupation.

After completing the educational requirements, you might also have to take a certification exam before you can start working.

​Hours can be long and some jobs are particularly stressful. The best thing about it is that you’re helping improve people’s lives which can be very fulfilling.

2. Technology Services Sector

Ever since the Internet was launched, the technology service sector has mostly experienced booming growth over the past years. It’s actually one of the hottest skills in 2016.

Popular jobs in the technology services sector include IT consultants and engineers, programmers, developers, and designers to name just a few.

Although working in the field also requires specialized knowledge and expertise, learning a skill can be easily done online and through self-study. There’s no certification required and opportunities abound once you’re able to establish your skillset and some connections.

3. Finance Industry

Finance is another high-paying industry to consider working for. Although the more common view of jobs in this industry is fast-paced, high-stake ones—there’s also an equal number of opportunities that are well paid and stable.

Best of all, reaching the top of the ranks of most financial jobs means amazing benefits and big pay.

You’ll also need specialized knowledge here but is something that you can learn even without going back to school. A finance-related degree is also required depending on what job you’ll be pursuing.

Some of the jobs you can consider in the finance industry include being an investment banker, corporate treasurer, financial adviser, trader, financial analyst, tax adviser, and stockbroker, to mention just a few.

4. EMS Industry

The EMS industry which stands for emergency medical services is another awesome field to consider. Those working in the industry are called EMTs or emergency medical technicians. Not only does it entail good pay but it’s also a fulfilling job that allows you to make a difference in other people’s lives.

​Aside from the standard working perks, EMT salary is also higher than the national average.

The high-paying industry also comes with comprehensive health and retirement plans as well as a higher overtime rate. Health insurance already includes dental and eye insurance.

5. E-Commerce

Working in the E-commerce or Online shopping industry promises a lot of great returns once you’re able to build enough following. With more and more people shopping online, both pioneer and startup companies in the field have experienced tremendous growth with a more following suit.

A background in Internet marketing can serve you a leg up when being hired. Some of the roles you can look at include technical service representative, online inventory manager, sales support, and marketing manager, among others.

Wrapping Up

Depending on your personality, there many other high-paying industries that you might also enjoy. Each sector offers different pros and cons so you have to do your research and assess what would be the best fit for you. A career change has the potential to be immensely fulfilling if you decide on the right one.

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