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Ever since they began to graduate from college and enter the marketplace, Millennials have maintained a less-than-flattering reputation. Millennials are often depicted as lazy, inefficient and entitled. While this may be true for some, it’s certainly not the truth for the majority.

What many people fail to see is how beneficial young energy can be to any company. Many Millennials bring fresh and new ideas to the table but are often overlooked because of their age. If you’re a boss or manager over Millennials, there are a few ways to help them succeed in the workplace.

1) Inspirational Leadership

In order to be a great leader, you have to be willing to be a great servant.

Companies like Apple and Amazon, for example, are guided by exceptional leaders who jump right in and set the example for those they work with. The people that are underneath your leadership need to be encouraged to be better followers and supporters. That will only happen when you’re dedicated and can inspire your group to be great.

Lead by example. Challenge yourself to read and learn more about the field. As you read, recommend books to your staff. Learn to care about your staff. If someone is going through a rough patch in their personal life, don’t hesitate to make sure they know you care.

A bit of emotional equity can go a long way. When your staff knows that you’re thinking with them in mind, they’re more likely to do what they have to do to support the bottom line and succeed in the workplace.

2) Ideas and Strategies

Many Millennials usually have lots of ideas and strategies. They have concepts involving how things could operate better and exciting new ways to reach customers. However, if you’re not willing to include them in the room, they won’t be able to share these ideas. Do your best to include and invite Millennials to have a seat at the table.

Be willing to take risks and try the strategies they suggest within reason. For example, companies like¬† Nu Skin, an innovative leader in skincare and nutrition, have a reputation for having satisfied and engaged employees. If you take a look at Nu Skin reviews, it’s clear that employees are happier when they feel like their company is engaging with them.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s a terrible feeling when one person feels like they’re never heard. After a while, the relationship becomes stale. This happens because no one likes a one-sided conversation. Avoid this travesty in the workplace by considering the suggestions and ideas of your Millennial employees.

3) Full Ownership

When you give any employee the reigns on a specific project, you’re simultaneously communicating your level of trust and respect for what that person can do. That’s a huge level of responsibility and it also validates their reason for being at the company. This is a perfect way to help Millennials succeed.

As they suggest different strategies and ideas for the company, ask them to see particular ideas through to fruition. Sure, if there’s a need for regular status updates and supervision, that’s totally warranted.

However, it’s good to allow Millennials the opportunity to take ownership of a project and learn the ropes of how to execute successfully.

Young Professionals

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4) Investment

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. There’s usually a conference for it. Send the Millennials to conferences. Allow them to network and get around other inspirational people in the field. Once they come back from these conferences, they’re usually fired up and excited to continue.

Education is also a major element of investment. Whether it’s a course or a degree, do your best to create and facilitate a program that invests in the minds of your employees, young and old. Education is another perfect setup for success.

Employee satisfaction isn’t guaranteed 100% of the time. However, these four tips are great ways to help your Millennial employees feel happier and valued in the company they work for. Make these steps a priority and you’ll create your own legacy as a leader.

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