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However hard you study, apply yourself, and strive for excellence in the workplace, you will likely find that few factors will have as much influence on your career as the people with whom you work.

This doesn’t mean that you need to network yourself into the ground, trying to associate with ‘winners’ or people in positions of power who can give you a break; rather it’s about the luck of the draw in regard to the chemistry you share with the people that you work with on a day to day basis.

Discover a workplace in which you find it easy to bounce ideas back and forth between colleagues, back each other up, and offer meaningful support through good times and bad, and you are more likely to develop as an individual and to enjoy successes with which you can leapfrog to ever greater heights.

But leave this entirely to chance and you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Rather, it’s possible to use empathy and soft skills to figure out the type of boss you’re working for and how you can get the best from them, and help them get the best of you.

None of these individuals will be quite as influential as the big guy him/herself, so the people at QuickQuid have provided a wonderful new tool to help you learn more about your boss and how you can get along with them.

Give it a go, and remember: in this life, it’s people that matter.

6 Types of Bosses (Infographic)

Infographic credit – www.quickquid.co.uk

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