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There are different aspects of a business that must be considered if you want it to be successful. An essential component of a good business is the health and safety of the workforce. 

As an employer, you have many legal and moral duties to uphold. You are legally responsible for the safety of all the components in your company, such as yourself and your employees. You need to consider the possible consequences and outcomes of work-related injuries and incidents.

The basis of the management of workplace health and safety is a written safety statement. This is the program that protects the health and safety of all your employees and other people who might be affected in the workforce.

Training employees has always been seen as too expensive as well as being a disruption to business operations and activities. Most employers consider the health and safety responsibilities of employees as an expense that can bring few benefits to the organization.

Regrettably, many employees fall ill because of un-assessed situations or get injured through accidents that could have been prevented through training in health and safety matters.

Some of the common workplace incidents that can be prevented through safety training include:

  • Slipping or Tripping – This pertains to falls on slippery and wet floors or trips over things lying on the floor.
  • Overextension Injuries – These include injuries related to lifting, carrying, throwing, holding, and pulling activities at work.
  • Walking Into Injuries – This happens when a worker accidentally runs into concrete objects. Foot, head, neck, and knee injuries are common results.
  • Falling Object Injuries – Objects dropped by another person or objects falling from shelves can cause serious injuries. Head injuries are a common result of this type of accident.
  • Reaction Injuries – These are caused by tripping and slipping without falling. It causes body trauma, muscle injuries, and other medical issues.
  • Falling From Heights – These can be caused by fall or slip accidents or faulty equipment.
  • Machine Entanglement – This happens in factories where heavy machinery is used. Materials like loose clothing, ties, and long hair can get caught in a rotating part or even draw the person into the machine.

Regardless of the size of your business, health and safety training is crucial. Here are some reasons why you must give it strong consideration.

1) Risks Exist In Every Workplace

Most employers assume that their line of work doesn’t involve many risks, and so they choose to neglect health and safety training. The truth is that all businesses have different levels of exposure to risk and illness.

No matter how little the chance is, the presence of risk is the key reason why your employees have the right to know how to protect themselves.

Small businesses face greater hazards. For instance, the fatality rate in SME manufacturers is twice that of huge companies. All employers have the duty of care for their employees and guests at their work premises.

You need to carry out a risk assessment of all work processes and areas, and always record any findings. Measures must be implemented to reduce any identified risks. Also, employees must be informed of the risks and any procedures carried out to guarantee personal safety.

2) Compliance

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 in the United Kingdom and Parallel Laws in other countries require employers to provide all the necessary information, training, instruction and supervision to ensure the health and safety of employees at work.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 has also emphasized this duty. It identifies situations wherein health and safety training is vitally important. These situations include when people begin to work, when current skills need updating, and when there is exposure to new or increased risks.

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3) Increased Staff Productivity

If companies treat their employees well, they would not look for another employer. A health and safety training program for your employees is a worthy investment.

Assuming that it has no returns is false. Employees are like customers in many ways. By treating them well, they will surely stay because they will feel valued. In turn, they will treat your customers well.

The domino effect can reach all aspects of your business. Taking time to show how you value their safety is an excellent way of building a loyal staff, which can have a positive impact on your company.

4) Avoidance Of Potential Compensation Claims or Suits

Even when the chance of your employees getting injured in the line of duty is 1%, you will still need to take the health and safety training seriously. One serious injury or illness or unforeseen incident is all it takes to bring a compensation story. You’ll find that 1% is not small after all. 

Neglecting the health and safety training required by law will also prove that compensation claims are deadly. The number of injuries resulting in harmful exposure to the work environment is increasing. Also, workers’ compensation payment is becoming an increasingly recurring subject of legal consultation nowadays. The result can shake your business. So, you need to demonstrate proper compliance and practice.

5) Enhanced Reputation

If your business is HSE compliant, you will be viewed as favorable from the outside, and this will eradicate the stress and difficulties related to finding the best labor force.

Job applicants want to know what they can gain from your company concerning their salaries and benefits. Most importantly, they want to know your plans for their workplace health and safety.

If your business is committed to health and safety, reining in the most competent and skilled labor is made a lot easier. Also, this can reduce your susceptibility to litigation and fines.

When your workers feel that they are well-looked-after, they will tell everyone about it. Word spreads from one place to another very quickly. When people hear about how concerned your company is about your employees, they will definitely want to work for you or even buy your offered products and services.

With a proactive approach to the health and safety of your employees, you will also help improve potential investors’ and business partners’ perceptions of your organization.

6) Cost Reduction

Aside from fines, litigation costs, and compensation payments, incidents and actual injuries can also have direct costs in medical expenses and rehabilitation. As a result, there could be an increase in your insurance premiums.

Indirect costs include lost productivity, hiring and training replacement personnel, clean-up and repair, time spent on accident investigation, bad publicity, claims management, and disrupted work schedules.

Investing in health and safety training for your employees is cheaper in comparison to the cost of treating and rehabilitating employees for workplace injuries. The skills and knowledge your workers can learn from such a training program will equip them to work safely at your premises.

Furthermore, it will empower them to become extremely productive and profitable.

Nourishing and fostering the workplace for all the people in it is the main goal of health and safety training. Preventing work-related illnesses and injuries is not just the right thing to do; it is also the profitable thing employers must do.

Studies have shown that employers can expect high returns on this investment.

Health and safety training for employees is good both for workers and the business. By ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the company, business efficiency and productivity will be increased, thus resulting in business success.

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Dave Newgass is the owner and Managing Director of Wise Global Training Ltd. Born and raised in a small California coastal fishing town but now living in the United Kingdom, Dave's goal is to ensure that clients are not only happy with the IOSH and NEBOSH online courses they purchase from Wise Global Training Ltd., but are also happy with the total experience as a whole.

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