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Becoming a holistic therapist is quite a journey. So, what does the term holistic therapist cover?

Essentially, this is anyone who practices holistic therapies from holistic to Reiki massage. Such messages are often aimed at treating the entire body, rather than one particular, niggling physical issue. A holistic therapist must ensure your work benefits the mental, emotional and physical health of the patient. Subsequently, you must be caring, empathic and genuinely interested in your patients’ wellbeing.

It’s also wise to remember that as a holistic therapist you may have to deal with difficult patients and customers, hence, you will need to be both patient and tactful. So, what does it take to be a holistic therapist?

Educational Requirements

Holistic healthcare practitioners can be qualified counsellors, doctors, nutritionists and therapists. Aspiring holistic therapists generally start their career by pursuing a healthcare degree in a particular specialism.

Holistic healthcare training is available for a wide range of health-related fields including nutrition, counselling, psychology, nursing and nurse practitioners, osteopathy, naturopathy, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, plus many, many more. With this, it should be remembered that holistic therapy is a very open field and not limited to any one area – so it’s advisable to prepare for a lot of studying.

Protect Yourself

Of course, as a holistic therapist; your therapy should include a balanced approach. Such an approach should include assisting your clients by introducing them to their mind, body and spirit, putting them in a mindset that helps the body to heal itself with positive practice and energy. Fortunately, clients generally respond well to such therapy, although a select few may claim that your treatment worsens their condition.

It’s not unknown for disgruntled clients to attempt to sue holistic therapists for malpractice – which could seriously damage your business and its reputation. By taking out holistic insurance against such unfortunate incidents you can protect your business, as malpractice cover is included as standard. This means you can continue your therapy without fretting about the future.


Are you flexible in where are you able to work? If so, a home-based workspace may be your best bet. It’s common practice for the likes of herbalists and massage therapists to work from home, though they often have an area of their living space specifically dedicated to client treatment. In this line of work, house calls can also be an integral part of client relations, as many of your patients may suffer from mobility issues.

Both options can be deemed smart, as you will save time and money by not renting an office space.

Focus on Yourself

Forget harsh work environments and unrealistic sales goals, as they are the complete opposite of everything holistic therapy is about – and it’s important to become resilient to negativity. Additionally, it’s also vital that you protect your body from strain and injury, as working with your hands for seven hours straight can prove exhausting.

The field of holistic health is projected to grow by up to 25% by 2022, so you must look after your spiritual health too. This way, you can strive for excellence in wellbeing, to ensure you set yourself apart from the competition.

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