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Take a deep breath and sit down. I have bad news for you.

Writer’s block and inspiration do not exist. They are fiction. So sweet fiction that everyone who decided to become a writer but didn’t succeed fast sincerely believes in it.

If you are one of those, my message is for you: do not waste your time looking for excuses. Spend it on searching the way.

Here is how.

1) Write regularly

Practice makes magic. Professional writers write every day. They have a schedule and stick to it. They plan time they’ll start writing, duration of the work and quantity of words they will write.

Contrary to common belief, the successful writer’s way is full of non-creative decisions. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t been attending exciting events or meeting interesting people. You estimate the time you spend on writing every day and follow the plan.

2) Go ahead

The successful writers never give up. They never complain. Your manuscript could be rejected thousand of times (and most likely, it will be), but it shouldn’t stop you or demotivate. Keep moving.

Do not look for new excuses, like the publishers are too exacting, or the society isn’t ready for your book. None of them are true.

Instead of complaining, edit your work, rewrite a couple of chapters, write the new book. Act until your manuscript will be published.

3) Promote yourself

If you think you are a good writer, do not hesitate to share this idea with others. If you want the world to read your book, you have to make your presence known on it.

Attend writers’ meetings, publishing conferences, art exhibitions, etc. Use any opportunity to express yourself. Your chances to attract the publishers’ attention depend mostly on you and increases in proportion to the number of people who got familiar with your works.

4) Meet your readers

Create a website, build your platform to connect with the readers. Do not expect publishers will do this job for you.

Share your ideas with the audience. Give a feedback. Respond to emails, pay attention to the readers’ comments, try to find out what they like and dislike about your writing. Your success depends on them. Grasp it.

5) Invest in yourself

Successful writers invest in themselves. They take online classes, visit educational and professional conferences, share their experience with colleagues. Obviously, they read a lot of books.

The success in writing depends on your progressiveness and intelligence. To make their works interesting for readers writers always need to stay one step ahead of them.

6) Take it seriously

Do not think of writing as a game. It is your career, your business if you will. Treat it appropriately.

Maybe, once it was your hobby. But if you would like to earn money writing, be as purposeful as you can. Sure, you have no boss, there is no promotion ahead, but you do have duties and tasks to complete. Be a responsible worker and the success won’t be late.

7) Hold the pace

Yet again, do not wait for inspiration; such expectancy leads to procrastination, and no results in the end. Hold your peace, keep writing even when the sentences are bad, the characters are awful, the scenes are plain. No matter, how bad your writing is, keep your word and write as often as you can.

Do not rely on your spontaneous ideas and vivid imagination. Spend quality time on planning the outlines; it saves you from the sitting in front of blank pages.

Do not feel pity about yourself. Write every minute you can. With no excuses.

8) Love what you do (all of it)

You love writing, sure. But how about rewriting and editing? Not a fan? Have to become one.

Rewriting and editing are as important as writing. Sometimes, even more important. To write a best-seller you have to fall in love with them. Editing your book you polish it, add new soundings to it, improve it. You shouldn’t be passionate about it, but you need to realize it is the only path to create a masterpiece.

9) Do not drag it out

Successful writers act fast. The don’t wait for a right moment to submit the manuscript. Despite they go through many edits, they do not stick with it. They do not rewrite it over and over to make the book perfect. It is impossible. So, as long as they finish their work, they start looking for publishers.

Again, it is all about excuses. Do not hide behind them.

10) Take care

Professional writers know the audience is unpredictable. If they loved your first book, it doesn’t guarantee they’d love your next one in the same genre.

If you don’t want such situations to wound your feelings, work on different projects. Write for a magazine, try yourself in other art fields. This way, in case something goes wrong, you always have a fallback, a one more channel to express yourself and — what’s more  important — a reason to keep creating.

11) Stay true to yourself

Successful authors filter any information they get. They don’t believe anything they heard. Professionals stay true to themselves. They pay attention to useful pieces of advice as well as keep applying what work for them.

They value their uniqueness and the habits they got after years of hard work and practice. When they make changes, they do it because they feel it is what they need, not because someone said they had to.

Prosperous writers know how much work it costs them to become great. Yet, they don’t change their habits as they know it’s worth it.

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Kate Maurice is a freelance copywriter, the creator of online project College Writers , and she is interested in educational problems in modern society and self-improvement techniques. You probably find her in a cozy coffee house reading a book or watching people passing by outside.

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