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Think about this.

When do you think you are the closest to your subconscious? Take a guess. Do you think it is in the middle of the day? Or before you go to bed?

None of the above.

In fact, you probably have guessed it yourself due to the title of this post. The time you are closest to your subconscious is when you first wake up (for obvious reasons). Our subconscious is something that controls a lot more in our lives than one might think.

By taking advantage of it at its high time, you will be able to form how the rest of your day will play out which you will find out is going to be a critical point in becoming the most productive you.

With that being said, this post is going to help you cultivate 10 new morning habits to boost productivity throughout your days by guiding your subconscious along with setting yourself up for success. Allow me to guide you to a morning full of positivity, clarity, and productivity.

So.. Let’s start off with the first on the list which is all about getting those juices flowing..

1. Start out with a Good Workout and Stretch

Feeling cloudy and slow every morning until you get out of the house? Starting up a good morning workout and stretching routine will help with that.

Not only will it wake you up from a sleepy state, but it will also set you up to be laser-focused for the next activity you take on. Since most of us go to work or school every morning, doing this before heading out will ensure you are in the right state (physically and mentally) to tackle the day.

2. Wake up earlier.. a Lot Earlier

Who else is up at 6, 5, or even 4 AM? As you wake up earlier, you will notice there will be much fewer distractions around you. This allows you to get the best personal quiet time which allows you to focus on all of the other habits on this list.

To make the transition, I recommend waking up 15 minutes earlier than you typically do now, stay at that level for a week, then repeat. Do this until you achieve the perfect waking time for you.

Oh, also. Keep your sleep schedule steady. No matter if it’s Wednesday or Sunday, try going to sleep and waking up at the same time. Otherwise, your body will be confused, making it harder for you to wake up when Monday rolls around. Plus, your body hates you when you play games with it, knock that off!

3. Eat the Darn Frog!

If you haven’t heard this term before, it basically means get the hardest thing done first.

Whatever you dread to do, don’t put it off. Instead, get it off the list first thing in your day and the rest of the day will not only seem easier, but it will also go a lot more productively (is that even a word?).

4. Don’t Check Your Phone

Checking your phone first thing when you wake up really does nothing other than distract you.

And what does distraction mean? It means less productivity! Seriously, wasting time in the morning on useless tasks kills productivity just as much as watching TV all day does.

5. Fuel That Motivation

Motivation runs out just as fuel does in a gas tank. You need to continuously add to it, otherwise, you will wake up clueless and without vision. And no, I don’t mean literal vision smarty.

Of course, you can only fill the tank up so much until it will begin to overflow. So get some, but not too much. Find what motivates you and do it every morning. Me personally, I like visualization (aka extreme daydreaming with a purpose) along with reading success stories of other people and companies.

6. Write down Your Goals

No, I don’t mean write them down once and review them every morning.

Here’s why:

Since life is so dynamic in virtually every aspect, so are the goals in which we set. Goals from 3 months ago might be slightly different from today. On top of that, rewriting your goals on a daily basis just engrain them more into your subconscious allowing you to never lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing every single day.

Don’t lose sight and write those goals down every single day, even if they don’t change! Doing so will allow you to keep working hard all day long.

7. Meditation Is Powerful

I strongly recommend picking up an app like Head-space especially for any beginners out there.

It is an easy, fun, and legitimate way to dive headfirst into some meditation. It offers both free and paid versions, both of which are great.

Meditating in the morning with this app (or any other medium really) will give you a clean slate for the day, improve clarity and self-awareness, along with other benefits. All of these are paramount to a successful and productive day!

8. Eat Good Foods (Seriously)

How can you expect to work at 110% if you eat a donut and sugary cereal in the morning? You can’t, seriously!

Opt-in for healthy and mind loving foods to start off your day instead. Personally I love a good smoothie, but find what works for you and go with it.

9. Read a Book (Or 5)

I find enjoyment in reading during the morning for two reasons:

1: It helps me retain the information better. How did you ask? Don’t you listen?! It’s because we are closer to our subconscious. On top of that, reading a factual book in the morning allows you to ponder and implement it throughout your day instead of reading and forgetting.

2: There are far fewer distractions. And no, I don’t just mean people but also the mind. By the end of the day, our thoughts are running a mile a minute. In the morning, we are much more clear and able to focus on a boring white piece of paper for much longer than at night.

Remember: Don’t be a read and forgetter, read in the morning and implement it into your day!

10. Be Grateful

There are endless things to be grateful for, one of them being that you made it to today still alive. Another being that you have the whole rest of your day to work on your goals that you (hopefully) wrote down earlier.

Being grateful and expressing it can take time to be intrinsic with, but work on it. If you don’t show any signs of it now, work on it. It will keep you in check with what you do during your day and that never hurts.


Remember the whole thing about being close to your subconscious in the morning? Don’t forget about that! It is what will keep you enticed to partake in all of the above habits throughout your morning. It surely (for me at least) gives you that extra added benefit of knowing that a morning routine is going to set up your day for the greatest possible success and 10x productivity.

Before you go though, I want to ask one question of you:

What new habits will you be taking from this list with you tomorrow morning to 10x your productivity?


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Dustyn is a blogger over on PersonalSelf.com and loves to help others curate a better life through conscious awareness and a little dry humor. Don’t believe it? Search around for PersonalSelf on the web and see what’s the hype!

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