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At the start of any working day, we all understand just how important it is to be switched on and ready to perform to the best of our ability. 

However, as we also all know only too well, some days are much better than others. Whether it’s out of work commitments, working extra hours or health issues. It’s sometimes tricky to be firing on all cylinders for every minute of the working week.

One of the most classic examples is Monday morning syndrome. We all tend to joke about hating Monday mornings more than most. Because the freedom of the weekend has ended and work must continue.

However, there is a great deal more to it than that. There is now actually plenty of scientific facts to support the suggestion that Monday mornings are particularly tough. Just take a look at this interesting Mental Floss article which discusses these facts in plenty of detail.

As this example proves, there will be some days when you might not be firing on all cylinders at your desk.

Thankfully, a new infographic from sleepypeople.com has lots of handy tips to keep you perky. Even on the more exhausting days. 

It’s called An Employees Guide To Combatting Tiredness At Work and it offers up lots of simple changes to your routine which can really make a difference.

So, why worry about falling asleep on your keyboard any longer? Take a look at the infographic for yourself below.

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Shane Dobbing is a digital marketer and content writer. He produces infographics which cover topics including business, productivity, management and workspace tips

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