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Being invited to a business dinner is enough to fill even the most experienced business people with dread; trying to impress potential business partners in an unfamiliar, busy environment can be quite the challenge.

But being invited to a business dinner in another country is not only a challenge, but the worst-case scenario is an opportunity to offend your hosts and ruin future business relations, without even trying.

So after publishing our recent article about how to run your most effective business meeting yet, we realized there was a void of information on how to handle situations outside of the standard business meeting.

In an attempt to fill that void we created an infographic detailing different business dinner etiquette in 13 different countries that includes such tips as:

  • How you should greet your future business partners
  • When and where to sit without causing offense
  • Rules and traditions around the drinking of alcohol
  • When and how to introduce the topic of business

So before you head overseas to take on the business world, make sure you check out the infographic here:

Business Dinner Etiquette


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Marcus Clarke is part of the web content team at Principal Hayley Hotels, a UK hotel company with accommodation, meeting rooms, training venues and conference centres throughout the UK.

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