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Nursing educators are an important part of the healthcare industry, because they provide the training and education to the next generation of nurses. Currently, there is a shortage of nurses as well as a high demand for nursing professionals, so the job outlook for nurse educators is high. 

There are several reasons why there is such a high demand for nurses. One of those reasons is many of the Baby Boomer nurses are retiring and someone needs to fill their place.

Also, the senior citizen population (ages 65 and over) will reach 69 million by 2030. In 2014, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing found more than 64,000 qualified candidates were rejected from admission to schools because of budget constraints, limited classroom space, faculty size and availability of clinical sites.

One of the main reasons it has become a challenge to fill the nursing educator position is the lack of awareness of their contributions to the field.

Nursing educators have the opportunity to teach in a variety of setting including educational institutions, hospitals, online learning programs and training facilities.

Educators have the ability to speak at conferences as well as conduct research and hold leadership roles in the academic community. They can also specialize in different disciplines such as cardiology, family health, pediatrics and mental health.

Nursing educators teach students across multiple educational levels and are able to design, implement and evaluate the academic programs for nurses. Nurse educators have a flexible work schedule, access to the latest research and a high job security due to current lack of faculty.

To learn more about the opportunities available to nurses who become educators look at this infographic from Duquesne University’s Online Master of Nursing Education program.

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