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As a graphic designer professional, you’re typically running a small business. Even if you’re the only one who’s offering the services, you could still consider yourself a business!

Every business starts from the bottom and usually attempts to overstep the competition. One of the ways to establish your position in the marketplace is to make yourself known. In business terms, you must develop your brand awareness, and you must do it professionally.

Successful personal branding always brings benefits. You’ll get the chance to meet more people and you’ll be able to acquire more clients. If people know who you are, you’re automatically an authority in your field of activity.

Being your boss is most of the time great. It makes you pay more attention to your professional life, and it boosts your confidence and flexibility in big time. When you have a personal brand, you are selling yourself and your services. And if you truly want to succeed, you must do everything properly.

Your branding is built online. Nowadays, everyone is working and communicating with the use of digital tools and platforms, social networks, and websites.

The more you focus on developing your online resume, the better you look to other professionals that might be looking for relationships and deals.

During today’s article, we’ll take a look at some insightful tips on how to develop your professional brand as a graphic designer:

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Standing out of the crowd could mean more things. Let’s take them separately and discuss them:

1. Originality

You’re a graphic designer, and your job is to satisfy your clients with your amazing art. Considering that you’re in a field that requires creativity and innovation, you can approach the marketplace with originality. Anything that’s original sells well!

2. Niche Down

So you’re a graphic designer, I understood. But what kind of graphic designer are you? Are you creating illustrations? Or you’re more into marketing design? Are you passionate about something particularly? Think about your best traits and qualities and select a sub-niche.

3. Do Something That Others Don’t

This is somehow related to the originality thing, but it’s a bit different. For example, if most of your competition is doing something, take that thing and add a twist to it. That twist is often going to differentiate yourself from others and will eventually dictate your success.

2.  Leverage Social Media

Are you aware of the importance of social media? It’s huge! If you think about it, with few exceptions, everyone you know has at least one social profile. Most chose Facebook because…well…because it’s Facebook, but there is so much more to choose from.

As a professional, you should always be looking to connect with new people. That’s exactly what social media does. It is the bridge between you and the consumer. Or, it could be the connection between you and a like-minded business professional.

By leveraging social media, you are creating a lot of exposure. You’re firstly making your name known, and you’re also promoting your business in the meantime. Here’s a good tip: if you can afford it, take advantage of the various available advertising tools.

3.  Create Your Personal Graphic Design Blog

If you start a blog, everything’s going to go better for you. First of all, you’re capturing the search crawler’s attention by posting relevant pieces of content. This content contains lots of graphic design niche keywords. When people look for Google answers, your blog will be amongst the results.

Besides that, starting a blog should be easy for a graphic designer like you. That means less budget spending. Concerning the content – if you’re not a writer yourself and you can’t deal with words, take advantage of Best Essays. They offer the custom option of ordering personalized content; I used them before, and I could recommend it!

4. Focus on Expanding Your Brand’s Awareness

Most graphic designers that don’t have a personal brand yet are doing something wrong. They focus on transactions over branding. Their efforts to get that paycheck are distracting them from creating something that lasts. After all, when you create a personal brand out of your name, you’re creating a legacy.

Here are a few ways to expand your brand’s awareness:

  • Use social media influencers within your niche
  • Write SEO content
  • Network with professionals within your niche
  • Create professional social media pages on more networks
  • Join discussions (graphic designing forums)

5.  Get in Touch with Other Professionals

Getting in touch with like-minded individuals who share the same profession as you is a great way to boost your future opportunities. I believe that you should be looking for people that work better than you. Extremely successful graphic designers could be a source of inspiration, but who says you can’t get in touch with them?

Maybe you come up with the perfect pitch, and you can establish a connection between you and someone that does exactly what you do. Networking is easy; follow people around, have the courage to initiate discussions, and focus on generating trust.

6. Be Active, Always!

We live in a fast-paced world. The marketplace is extremely fast-paced too, and we must keep up with the shifts. Nowadays, if a brand stops posting new content on their social media channels, it is as good as dead. We look for new things, new updates, new everything.

When you come across a website and social media presence that hasn’t been updated for weeks or months, what impression do you get? Be active, always!


If you want to reach the top of the ladder, you must do your best to create a powerful name and brand for yourself. This process takes time, and it’s never effortless. If you truly want to be one of the top graphic designers out there, personal branding is what’s going to get you there!


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Brenda Savoie is a Productivity Coach,content marketing magician, and desperate dreamer, writing her first romantic novel, and also seeking contentment through mindfulness. Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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