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No matter whether you are an experienced designer or a novice in the design industry, to become a competent and high-earning graphic designer, efficiency is crucial. And to achieve that, you have to continue to learn and take inspiration from the work of other graphic designers. 

The web is a great place for graphic designers. After all, they are the driving force behind many of its inventions.

For instance, when people look at social media channels, they think of how they interact with and what they see. Brand identity, brand images, mental images, real images – they are all created by graphic designers. The web is so thankful to them that it has plenty to give back too. 

From the past few years, blogging has become an integral part of the online culture. Earlier it was considered a hobby. But today, people are making great careers out of it and a lot of companies are hosting blogs as part of their marketing strategy. 

There are probably thousands of graphic design blogs, guides, and other resources online. But sometimes too many choices can be a bit confusing. That is why we have come up with this blog where we will be sharing the top fifteen graphic design blogs that can motivate every designer.

Let’s get started!

15 Graphic Design Blogs That Every Graphic Designer Should Read

1. Adobe Create Magazine

                     Deliciously Creative-Graphic Design Blogs                      
Create is an Adobe’s online magazine where you can discover, inspire, and educate yourself through their creative community.

Regardless of which stage you are in your career journey, the content you get will provide the fuel you desire – from the latest trend tutorials to inspiring creative processes to profiles of innovative artists.

It is also packed with interesting content and artist interviews. This provides a great opportunity to learn from the masters themselves. Interesting, right?

2. Designhill                  

DesignHill-Graphic Design Blogs

Designhill is World’s No.1 creative marketplace for designers and artists.

Their blogs are full of design tips and inspiration, helping both artists and entrepreneurs grow their careers and business respectively. In other words, you can educate yourself on how to use designs in a commercial context.

The platform has thousands of professional designers that help businesses implement their marketing ideas. If you want to be hired for your work, you can do that by showcasing your talents and achievements in their separate portfolio page.

3. Canva


Canva is another popular graphic design website.

It allows users to create all types of designs, including logos, banners, social media posts, etc. Under their blog section, you will get to see great tutorials, intuitive graphic designs, business advice as well as branding and business identity insights.

4. Creative Review


It is an online magazine that started in 1980. It provides monthly reviews, updates, and analyses from the design industry. 

Though the magazine provides practical guides and tutorials, it focuses more on the latest design trends. You may not find the basic design tips here, but you will surely get incredible resources that can help you grow in your field and stay updated with trends. It also provides you with great tips on artistic processes.

5. Creative Bloq

                       Creative Bloq-Graphic Design Blogs                                 

Creative Bloq provides a mix of inspiration and advice for traditional and digital artists, graphic designers, VFX artists, web designers, and more.

This platform offers the best of creative work to their audience along with insights to help them stay updated regarding the latest developments and trends in the world of design.

6. Dribbble


Founded in 2009, the company started as a side project. By showcasing the work of the finest designers, it has evolved into being a lucrative business, making it both a promotional tool and a learning resource.

In other words, it is a community for all types of designers where they share their excellent work. You can browse the work of others for inspiration and also take advantage of promoting your work on this site. 

People from all over the world visit this website to discover and get connected with talented designers.

7. Underconsideration –  Brand New


Brand new is a division of UnderConsideration. This is the place to read a wide array of opinions on corporate and brand identity work.

Armin Vit, the website editor, offers a useful understanding of the intricacies of design thinking and often inspires solid debate on each post in the comments section.

Here Are Their Editorial Categories:

  • Reviewed: Extensive coverage and evaluation of the most newsworthy projects submitted as articles, depending on the size and reputation of the customer or the quality of the design.
  • Noted: Small coverage with a concise opinion on small projects or customers with less data or pictures to be displayed — submitted as a summary.
  • Spotted: Recognition of a fresh design or redesign for a broader spectrum of customers — submitted without any viewpoint and offering just one link to a new homepage or a press release.
  • Linked: Small notes covering funny, interesting, sad stories or projects related to branding and logo design.
  • Announced: Where they make announcements about the blog’s well-being, Brand New Conference, and the introduction of any significant under consideration projects.
  • Sponsored: Posts written by sponsors helping them publish the blog daily. 

8. Behance


It is a platform that is owned by Adobe. Similar to Dribbble, it doesn’t have any separate ‘blog’ category. The platform itself helps designers showcase their most fine works and discover the work of top online portfolios across industries. 

Recently, the brand introduced ‘Moodboards’, where you can collect and organize inspirations on Behance.

9. The Design Blog

                                The Design Blog                       

It is a personal website curated by Ena Bacanovic.

This website offers high-quality inspiration by featuring the work of design studios and designers globally. Articles are classified and can be searched through 26 distinct tags parallel to the separate graphic design areas. Their outstanding selection of designs complements their fitting tagline, “Don’t Just Be A Designer – Be A Good One.” The content of the website is categorized by weekdays.

For example, every Monday, they select a designer of the week, a quote of the week, and a featured video. On Tuesdays, they find and feature cool internet shops, and so on

10 Design Clever

                           Design Clever                               

This blog was started by two aspiring graphic designers – Bethany Baker and Jonathan Ring, with a passion to offer everything related to design. Their blogs let designers upload and showcase their talents globally. You can take inspiration from the work of other designers here.

If you want to be hired for your work, or if you simply want to increase followers on your social media profiles, you can do that by including your contact details and social media links.

11. Creative Nerds

                                                                Creative Nerds                             

Creative Nerds is a web and digital design blog that started its journey in 2008. Initially, it started as an experimental blog.

But later it became an innovating place with thousands of design resources, articles, tutorials, and online design as well as web development news to learn and be inspired from.

12. Inspo Finds                                               
InSpo Finds

Inspo Finds is a blog that was started by two aspiring designers – Naomi and Sarah.

As designers, the two of them always looked for inspiration to fuel their creativity. Both of them kept sending each other their ideas over emails. One day, they felt like there should be an online space where designers can find and discuss inspirational work and explore new modes of expression.

They came up with this website where creativity and inspiration go hand-in-hand.

Apart from finding and discussing inspirational work, the website also aims to encourage collaboration and support within the design community.

13. Design Shack

                                                                     Design Shack

Design Shack is a magazine for designers, creatives, and developers. It publishes articles related to graphic design, web design, trends, typography, UX, business, mobile, etc. Their design gallery showcases creative work related to web, logo, interface, and print design types.

Apart from that, it also has a separate ‘Inspiration’ category, where you can find beautiful, inspiring examples of graphic designs, mock-ups, fonts, icons, etc. 

14 Graphicmama             


GraphicMama is a side project of 2create Studio – an IT company. This business received such a great response that it later came under the league of the world’s most-read graphic blogs.

The website aims to provide high-quality vector graphic illustrations and strives to be a great source of inspiration for those who want to excel in the graphic design industry.

15. Dieline


Dieline is a creative platform that came into existence to serve the most crucial niches of designing like packaging design. Currently, the website has over 19,442 projects and articles that are sources of great inspiration.

So if you are a designer who wants to make ‘Packaging design’ a core skill set, this website is perfect for you.


That’s all folks! Now that you have discovered all about the industry’s best graphic design, it’s time to keep checking them out every week.

This routine will help you stay on top of the latest trends, news, graphic design skills, etc. with others who share the same interests.

Are there any other graphic design blogs that you love or have inspired you?

Do share with us in the comments section below.


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