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Each of us wants to achieve goals: create a successful career and achieve success in business, and live a decent life. But much depends not only on our desires but also on our character. There is a pearl of well-known wisdom: “Do an action, get a habit.

If you get a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you will receive fate. ” Any psychologist will tell you that most of the problems are the cause of our attitude to our environment and habits. Good habits can make you a successful businessman and just a good person.

Therefore, in this article we will give you some tips to help you become better and progress every day.

1. Set Day Mode and Start Your Morning with Physical Exercise

Morning is a very special part of the day that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Of course, all successful people know about it and use the potential of morning hours to the maximum. If you ask any successful person how he spends the morning, he will answer you that every day he performs certain actions in the morning that keep him in good shape and give energy.

Usually it is physical exercises (strength training, yoga, running, stretching, etc.), meditation for 10-15 minutes, reading useful literature, and sometimes a simple conversation with your spouse/partner, when you can share thoughts and plans.

Think about what morning ritual will set you up for a successful and productive day. It may be a glass of water with lemon after waking up, but the daily performance of even such a simple ritual will certainly bear fruit. This is useful not only for your health, but also for your discipline and inner harmony.

2. Do What Must Be Done Today

All successful people adhere to the principle of “do not put things off for later.” They well understand that only the moment here and now has real power. Usually, people put things off until tomorrow, Monday, at the beginning of the new year, because they think that later they will do better than today. But this is a very common misconception because tomorrow there will be new tasks and tasks that will also require their fulfillment.

Incomplete and deferred affairs take away a lot of your energy, which you could direct to new achievements. You want to start a new day with pure consciousness, and not think about the need to “redo work or be distracted by trifles”? It may be better in your to-do list for today to be only 3 points, not 10, but by the end of the day you will complete them. Learn to do everything planned for today. Such a path will lead to effective time management.

3. Focus on What’s Important

One of the most useful and necessary habits for a modern person is the habit of focusing on the most important. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company was in a state of destruction. And it was her lack of focus that destroyed her. The company was sprayed on trifles and let out already more than 300 products.

Therefore, the first thing Jobs did was to reduce the number of manufactured products to 10. When he focused all his attention on several of the most important products, the company began to develop again and became the powerful brand that we now know. Keep it simple and keep your focus. There is an interesting saying about this aspect: “One full glass is better than ten slightly filled ones.”

4. Turn Obstacles into a Story of Success

How do people usually respond to the word no? Having been refused, they stop and stop taking further actions. How does a successful person act?

Each “no” makes it even stronger and more persistent on the way to its goals, bringing it closer to “yes”. A successful person simply adds this factor to his plan and tries to take it into account. But this does not scare him away from actions and desire to achieve the goal.

As Nietzsche said: “Those things that do not kill us make us stronger.” Successful people know that failure trains our character and the will to succeed. They celebrate their failures and become tempered during their overcoming. In other words, the more obstacles a person encounters on his way now, the more success he will achieve in the future. Remember – success depends on failures; do not give up when they occur.

5. Finding Positivity in Negative Circumstances

light at the end of a dark, long roadOf course, sometimes deals break down and a potential partner can go to a competitor. But it’s important to understand that this is not the end of your story. Besides, negative and negative emotions will not bring any benefit either to their health, or personal life, or business. That is why they can find positive aspects in any negative situation.

Successful and prosperous people are distinguished by a great vision, so they know that today’s unpleasant circumstances tomorrow can turn into a blessing and present a surprise. And such trifles as a stain on clothes or a broken teapot are not worthy of their attention at all – there is reason to buy a new beautiful shirt and a teapot of the latest model.

For example, Thomas Edison conducted more than 10,000 experiments to improve the incandescent lamp. And here is what he said about this: “I did not suffer defeats. I just found 10 thousand ways that do not work. “Every failure is a step forward. Analyze your actions, change the strategy, and do it again. Repeat until successful.

6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

This is evidenced by almost every psychologist, motivator, and business coach. No matter how trite it sounds, but a new challenge will be useful to you. Because we are either progressing or degrading, we cannot just stand in one position. If we are not trying to overcome a new peak, it means that we are sliding to its foot.

Overcoming the comfort zone is one of the most significant steps on the path to becoming an individual. For life to shine with new colors and reach a new level, you need to be able to cross the line with the inscription “I am so comfortable.” This is fraught with certain fears and stress, but for successful people, leaving the comfort zone is an important way not to stand still and develop, because only in this way you can realize yourself and find your calling.

Of course, it is not at all necessary to immediately turn your life upside down and introduce cardinal changes. For starters, it’s enough, for example, to get up early or change the diet and each time take ever wider steps beyond the boundaries of comfort and celebrate your small victories. After all, even the longest journey begins with the first step.

7. Listen to Your Intuition

Sometimes even a thorough analysis is not able to say why you refused the transaction or chose another partner. But a successful person is used to trusting his “sixth sense”. Therefore, it is worth listening to the inner voice and trying to develop these abilities.

Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of meditation and intuition for making important decisions. A large number of famous people and businessmen, not only after major transactions, the launch of new projects but in everyday life, always act following personal feelings. They know that within us there are already answers to all questions, you just need to ask and be ready to receive information.

Meditation is the surest path to a pure mind, getting rid of emotional trash and awareness. By practicing meditation, successful people clear the way for intuition, which is nothing more than a door to all knowledge in the universe.

8. Be A Master Of Thoughts And Habits

Habits and thoughts are what create a person’s lifestyle, and they need a very competent approach. Therefore, this situation has two options – you can manage habits or obey them. Successful people and businessmen cultivate good habits and the right thoughts, and each of them has their list.

They think about success and wealth, are set for a positive outcome in any situation, they are constantly engaged in self-development, pay the necessary attention to their health and personal life, etc. Surely each of them will say that this was not always the case, but only a conscious choice of thoughts and habits and efforts in this direction allowed them to create the lifestyle they aspired to.

9. Visualization of Success

Even athletic trainers say that after training it’s useful to look in the mirror and imagine which muscles are bigger and stronger. A similar situation concerns success in life. Visualization is very effective and at the same time simple method of bringing the right events, people, and circumstances into your life. However, to achieve high results, the visualization should become a habit.

That is why prosperous people prefer to create reminders that do not let them forget about big plans. Most often, this is a visualization board or a map of goals, looking at which a person always remembers his focus. Try it and you create your reminder of the plans. It may be some item on the desk (for example, a book) or even your morning ritual of success can remind you of how today will bring you closer to your dream.

10. Keep a Personal Journal

Journal on a table beside a teapot and penIt is said that Mendeleev saw a table of chemical elements in a dream. There are many such examples. An ingenious decision can come at any second. Therefore, it is important to have a notebook and pen next to it in case of such moments.

Besides, no successful person will begin to think about a new project, negotiate or plan for the future without having prepared a sheet of paper and a pen in advance. This is because only recorded thoughts and ideas gain strength, form, and the necessary potential for implementation. You’ve probably heard of people who even wake up at night, stop the car or get out of the shower to record a good idea that came to mind.

These people understand the value of thoughts and ideas, and also know that a good idea can just as easily disappear and then not return. All inventions of the modern world were at first thought. Start recording your own, and who knows what discoveries this will lead you to.

 11. Don’t Be Afraid of Criticisms

Typically, criticism is associated with conflict and confrontation. But successful people always benefit from criticism. They are always ready for dialogue and receiving feedback – albeit not always positive, as the only way to make changes to the chosen development strategies and improve.

No wonder Aristotle said: “To avoid criticism, do not say anything, do nothing, and be nobody.” Also, one of the important qualities of successful people is not only to gratefully accept and respond to constructive criticism but also to easily forget about destructive criticism, which does not bring any benefit.

12. Find a Good Mentor

You are well aware that the environment forms a person. However, most people do not notice how their environment appears on its own and does not always have the best effect. Thriving people do not make such a mistake and carefully choose those who surround them. The vast majority of successful people have had mentors. They do not hesitate to ask questions, ask for help and support, learn from those who have already achieved success in business.

Start and surround yourself with people who strive for goals like yours, as well as those who have already achieved success in business and areas that inspire and attract you. Very soon you will see how this will help you transfer your life to a higher quality level.

13. Do Not Forget to Take a Break

Of course, work is an important component of success. But without rest, your body will quickly give up. A depleted organism is more prone to stress, negative thoughts, and much closer to failure. Therefore, it is important to relax. Try to sleep 6-7 hours a day and create the most comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. Moreover, the rest can be not only in the bedroom.

For example, popular computer games (in particular, strategies) will help you develop useful skills, improve your reaction, and improve mental abilities. 

14. Compete Only with Yourself

The easiest way to lose time is to compare yourself with others. You think: “They do everything much better than me,” “Why is his company more successful than mine,” “What am I doing wrong? Why is he in front of me? ” Such negative thinking causes damage and ultimately leads to death. It is much more effective if you spend time competing with yourself.

Of course, you need to evaluate competition in business, but constantly comparing your successes with others is not useful in any case. Analyze your results and compare what and how you are doing now, with how you did it before.

15. It’s Never Late to Learn New Things

Old man painting using various oil paintAnother interesting wisdom: “Live and learn.” This means that until the end of our days we should try to get new information and knowledge. For example, before starting the SpaceX project, Elon Musk read and studied so much literature about rocket technology and power plants that he could well build a rocket. It would seem, why would he? After all, he has already built successful companies – PayPal and Tesla. But he wanted more and realized that if he wanted to become a competent leader in the space industry company, he would have to gain new knowledge.

In this regard, I like such quality in people as the recognition of their ignorance. Usually people try to pretend that they know a lot, and they are confident in themselves, even if it is not. However, if you admit to yourself and others that you don’t know something, you have the opportunity to learn this.

Make a habit of constantly improving and learning. Take an hour every day to read a book, learn about something new. Just do not get stuck in the status of “eternal student.” It’s not enough just to read and receive knowledge. You need not be afraid to test them in practice and draw conclusions by analyzing negative experiences. We already wrote about this earlier.

16. Keep Moving Forward

Are you told that your idea will fail or that you will not succeed? Wait upset. All great people have been told at least once that nothing will work out for them. Today it seems that the success of Bill Gates was inevitable, however, at the beginning of the journey, everyone around him was sure of his failure. Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper for a “lack of imagination.” Sigmund Freud was booed by his colleagues when he presented them with his theories. If you want to become an outstanding person, you need to develop immunity to skepticism. Even experts are wrong, remember this.


Of course, there is no specific recipe for how to become a successful person and create the perfect business. But with good habits, diligence, and a little talent, even the most difficult tasks will be submitted to you.

There is such a phrase: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% sweat.”

If you are ready to work a lot, you will achieve a lot. If you expect that everything will somehow form and you are lucky, then “Even water does not flow under a lying stone.” Take control of the situation and become the master of your destiny. Work is also a habit. Good and useful habits. May luck be on your side.

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