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Once you have entered the professional world within any industry it is only natural that you want to advance in your career. For some, this means taking a whole new direction within their chosen field and for others, career advancement is all about becoming an expert at what it is you already do.

Many colleges around the country are helping graduate students advance in their chosen careers by helping them to have a better understanding of sound business principles and by helping them to achieve their goals for career advancement.

Here is some advice on setting goals for career advancement from the D’Amore – McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

1. See Yourself in the Future

The first step towards advancing in your career is to know where it is you want to go. You won’t go anywhere unless you have a destination in mind.

In other words, it isn’t sufficient to say “I want to make twice as much money as I’m making now” because that doesn’t help you actually make any more money. Instead, envision yourself in a job that would make you happy and provide the income you are dreaming of.

For example, if you want to become a company administrator in middle or upper management you would obviously make more money. But how do you get there, that is the question!

2. The Importance of Long and Short-Term Goals

Here is where the importance of long and short-term goals comes into play. You see yourself as a company administrator overseeing new product development, for example from a business perspective not within Research and Development. You want to devise budgets, find the funding and then allocate those funds where they need to go.

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At this point, you know that an advanced degree such as a master’s in business administration online is needed in the short-term because that degree will get your foot in the door for your long-term goal of being an administrator.

3. Seeking a Direct Path to the Top

While you can’t very well take a leave of absence for a couple of years to pursue that advanced degree you can always study online and receive the very same credentials as those who opted to study on campus.

Find an AACSB online MBA program and you can study nights and weekends from the comfort of your home and never miss a day of work. This is perhaps the most direct route you can take and with that graduate degree in hand you automatically qualify for higher-paying jobs with more responsibilities.

If you dream of advancing in a career that you love, it is imperative that you first define where it is you want to go and from there you can seek out your roadmap to your destination.

Your short-term goals will be like rest stops along the way with your long-term goal being your final destination: an online MBA degree.

Setting goals for career advancement is crucial, but first, you need to know exactly where it is you want to go.

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