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If you take the step from full-time employment to freelancing, there are a few problems you’re going to encounter that you wouldn’t usually do. Managing your money even more closely will be one, but the main is actually finding the work itself. In the beginning, things are going to be a little hard.

It’ll feel like you’re not getting anywhere, and a lot of people actually give up and return to full-time work. But we’re here to stop you from doing that.

If you tackle the situation right, there’s plenty of work out there for you. Follow our tips below to make getting work as a freelancer a lot easier.

1. Networking Yourself

Getting your name out and about as soon as possible is so important. One of the best ways of doing so is by networking yourself. There are two major ways of doing this.

One of the first is linking up with other freelancers, one we think you might not have thought of. It can either be other freelancers who are starting off new, or ones that are already well established. The well-established ones can help to get the word out quicker.

Collaborate on them with a piece, and your name will be shown publicized to all the people in the established freelancer’s network. Another great idea is a coworking space.

It gives you an area to work with many different companies, host events, and network yourself with people you wouldn’t usually do. It adds an air of professionalism to it all.

Finally, whatever niche you’re in, there will always be events being held regarding it. For example, if you’re a freelance marketer, there are hundreds of marketing events year-round that you can network within. It gives you a chance to meet potential customers, learn more about the industry.

2. Build a Reputation

This is the first, and possibly the most important, stage in getting work as a freelancer. In the beginning, you might need to do some free work to build up your own portfolio and reputation.

To some people, this just isn’t an option, especially when you have no source of income. But the quicker you do it, the quicker you’re going to bring in paid custom. Make sure you’re one hundred percent focused on your work to start with.

Everyone makes errors, but you really can’t afford to when you’re starting out as a freelancer. Your work needs to be perfect if you’re going to beat the competition that’s around you.

3. Take Baby Steps

As much as you might feel as though there’s a rush, the slower you are the better your future with freelancing. There’s so much to learn about going on your own, you don’t want to rush the process and miss vital lessons. Don’t overdo yourself in the fear of never making money.

The more you overwork yourself, the more errors you’re bound to make, and the more stress you’ll become. Take on smaller projects to begin with to get used to the freelance lifestyle.

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