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Applying for the right engineering job is very important as sending a resume to a company where the technical growth is uncertain will be a waste of time. Instead, applying for the job anywhere, pick out the companies which give you a spectrum to grow in your field. One also needs to see that if the dream job pays you well without having unrealistic expectations from you.

Here is the list of points you need to avoid if you are planning to apply for an engineering technology job. These points will help you land a good job where you can enjoy and grow in professional life.

1. Organizations with Low Technical Knowledge

If you are applying to a tech-based company, make sure the superiors working above you have a sound knowledge of the latest technology. Though it is impractical to expect from a person to know everything, still people working in the organization should know about the latest developments in their field. When you go for the interview, try to analyze the basic work process of the company and the technology on which the industry is running.

2. Company History

The real development and revenue/financial success of the company depend on its history. Though the company you are applying for the engineering job might have the biggest growth, great employee strength, but if it has bad management, lack of vision, unrealistic expectations from employees, it would be foolish to apply for such a job.

Before committing to any job, see the work culture of the company. Many websites have genuine reviews such as Glassdoor about the company’s work condition which can help you decide on getting a job or not.

3. Company’s On-Call Expectations

Nobody wants to work 24 hours unless you land up in a job where the on-call expectations make you work on an unrealistic schedule. Remember, that you won’t be told this stuff at the time of the interview nor the hiring manager will give you the proper explanation on the bad timings. Before getting hired by an Engineering Company, make sure you check with their on-call expectations to save yourself from getting burnt afterward.

4. Project Timelines

During the interview, when you are told about the projects of the company that you will be tackling in the future, take a step back and ask the questions related to the project timelines.

Generally speaking, Engineering companies tend to expect employees to complete the project within unrealistic timelines. Instead of agreeing to that, put your foot down to keep your position clear regarding the project timeline you will be handling in future.

5. Opportunities for Professional Growth

Instead of venturing into the new zones, try learning the new skills for your relevant post. If your job profile is not clear or lacks in the growth, look for some other opportunity instead of compromising on your professional career.

6. Don’t Wait for Crisis

Instead of taking an unprecedented amount of risk, start looking for a new job right away, the moment you sense the company is not doing well. There is always a demand for good Engineers, but with constant competition, it might be difficult to land up with a great job. So, don’t wait for the last minute, keep your vision clear regarding your ideal job so you never miss out a great opportunity.

Finding a job in the field of Engineering might look simple because of the high demand for technical skills.

But, landing a job with a company that provides you with a great working environment, worthy package, and healthy growth is much more difficult.

Keeping in mind the above points and you take the right action – you can avoid getting tangled in the wrong Engineering job or career,


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