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We’ve all experienced that post-lunch dip. That feeling of wanting to curl up and nap in the middle of the day. But for most of us who are stuck at work all day, napping is not an option. So, we often turn to sugary energy drinks and sodas or buckets of coffee.
This may work for a while, but they all come with the inevitable crash. Luckily there are several ways to get energy naturally throughout the day and GetVoIP has outlined all of them in their post about how to get more energy.
Here is a breakdown of the main points.
First, most people fall into four different chronotypes that affect sleep patterns and energy levels throughout the day. Tapping into your natural cycle and rhythm is the easiest way to ensure you are being the most productive at all times.


There are four major chronotypes, the dolphin, wolf, lion, and bear.
The dolphin is typically an introverted, yet intelligent person that is detail-oriented. They get their energy in waves throughout the day. Although they may wake up tired at around 6:30 am, they have the most energy towards the end of the day.
The lion is a diligent, athletic worker. They wake up around 5:30 am and have a lot of energy to start. They are the most productive in the first half of the day.
The bear chronotype wakes up at 7:00 am and will feel groggy in the morning. They will be most productive from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. 
Last is the wolf, who wakes at 7:30 am, but doesn’t really “wake up” mentally until noon. They become most productive once the sun has gone down.
Knowing which type of chronotype you fall into will help you plan your day more efficiently and get more energy at work. 

Boosting Energy Tips

Aside from tapping into your natural chronotype, there are some general tips for boosting your energy naturally.
Start strong: The morning meal is one of the most important. Start with a breakfast that’s rich in protein. Drinking lemon-aid has also been shown to boost metabolism levels by 30%, it also contains potassium, which is a natural energy booster. Aside from breakfast, cold showers will boost dopamine levels, which can help boost energy as well.
Stay Hydrated: Water is essential for staying energized. Dehydration is one of the main causes of feeling fatigued.
Outdoor Time: Aside from getting the blood flowing, taking brisk walks outdoors in a park can help improve your mood and increase oxygenation in the brain.
Listen to Music: Believe it or not, listening to your favorite song can trigger dopamine in the brain, which (like the cold shower) can help you get more energy at work naturally.
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