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Most people regularly ask themselves the real reason as to why freelance writing attracts a huge number of individuals, having the potential to manage their own time.

In most cases, having a boss who dictates and controls your every move does not go well with most people. This pushes many to look for other sources of income such as freelancing.

However, the biggest problem faced is the lack of a fixed wage limit andtime management skills.The resulting factor being people giving up on freelance writing altogether.

As you all know, any profession comes with its various advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp some few tips to a successful freelance writing experience.

Getting a Freelance Job

Beginners in the world of freelance writing often wonder how they can acquire clients, how to set up a website, and lastly, how to find well-paying clients. The answers to these questions are quite simple. Through the following methods, writers or bloggers, in this case, are sure to gain much-needed guidance and encouragement.

1. Establish a Niche

For your freelance writing job to kick off on a high note, it goes without saying that you need to decide on a narrow niche. For example, choosing to write copy for information and technology service providers.

The importance of taking hold of a new niche is that clients instantly recognize you as a writer who is well acquainted with the subject matter or content. Bloggers should, therefore, remember that most customers. If not all, need writers who put more emphasis on the required content. Generalization here is greatly discouraged.

Options Available While Picking out a Narrow Niche:

  • Content Specialization – Let us take the case of three categories of people. An individual who has specialized in the writing of white papers, calling himself The Whitepaper Expert, one who concentrates on case studies, and lastly a generalist. The first two groups of people are sure to earn more money because of their professionalism as compared to a generalist.
  • Specialize in assisting a given type of customer – Experienced writers recommend that one only needs to look at the opportunities which lay behind avenues such as insurance companies, marketing agencies, and real estate agents.
  • Concentrate on writing a particular topic for a given client – Here, you may decide to pick a niche that focuses on marketing for agencies, crafting newsletters for online writers and entrepreneurs.

2. Establish a Freelance Writer Website

A question that is usually raised by most bloggers is whether all you need is a blog to start freelance writing. The move is not discouraged, and writers are free to use their blogs as websites. However, experts note that you stand a greater chance of success if you opt to come up with a site dedicated to the sale of your services to a targeted audience.

A website doesn’t have to be too complicated. It should include aspects such as some few samples that are crucial for your audience and your niche. Carefully define your topic of specialization, and writing samples should at least show your professionalism and expertise in the process of writing.

Therefore, to set up a personal website, you will require first to purchase a domain. A domain is the site’s URL.

The best areas to choose from are custom fields. By doing so, you broaden your brand as a professional as compared to picking something such as “mysite.wordpress.com.”

In addition to creating an improved brand perspective, clients also tend to consider your business of writing as the real and actual business.

Cheap domains are available on sites like Bluehost and Namecheap.

3. Come Up With Eye-Catching and Significant Samples

Similarly, if you have already decided on your niche, you have also defined a target group or audience.

For example, if you opt to concentrate on writing blogs based on medicine, then your identified audience will consist of medical personnel. Also, if you decide to write whitepapers, your target group undoubtedly lies in B2B companies.

During the onset period, most, if not all of your samples should be properly created to attract. As well as integrate your services to the audience in question. The world of freelance writing requires a real deal of humility. In that, if you are starting out, experts recommend coming up with some few targeted samples.

Bring out these samples through guest blogging. Or you may even go a step further in publishing them on a section of your freelance writing blog. Also, after you have included connections through targeted clients, use the LinkedIn publisher for the purpose of sharing them.

At this point, it is essential to realize that working for free is not a fruitful habit. However, for beginners trying to build client trust, it is a wonderful decision. Always bear in mind that identifying an appropriate topic of discussion to concentrate on is the sole reason that makes customers believe in you. Even with little to no experience, the power of a strong niche is sure to do wonders for the success of your freelance writing career.

Freelance Career

4. Cold-Email Customers

If you are a writer, committed to making the best out of the art that is freelance writing, go ahead and set up your site and include it with appropriate samples in less than three days. It is after you have completed this that you may now transform into a ‘pitching machine.’

For beginners, aspire to send over twenty customer pitches in a day. It is fundamental first to have realistic expectations in the efforts of creating a business-oriented email.

Rejections here are the order of the day. For example, you may get the attention of only three clients after sending seventy-five to one hundred cold emails. Through this, beginner writers are required to persevere and above all, not give up.

However, writers already bearing with them appropriate and captivating niches should face fewer challenges in attracting clients. Additional advantages come if a writer has also established a well-run and maintained freelance writer website, and chosen an effective method of coming up with a cold email.

The practice of cold emailing does not necessarily mean that it should go for continued periods. Experts in the field of freelance writing add that it is important for first-time bloggers to do this so as to identify high-paying customers. As time goes by, a blogger can do this through social media that is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and also via the use of websites.

A question which most writers often ask is, although cold emailing sounds like an intelligent idea, where do you then obtain client email addresses?

Expert bloggers recommend using LimeLeads because the leads received here have the possibility and capability of causing an increased cash flow.

Other avenues where writers can obtain contact information regarding targeted clients include Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For example, if you’re targeting computer service providers, you may search for ‘Dallas IT Service Providers’ using the social media platforms, or just a simple Google web search.

5. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn consist of businesses requiring a dedicated set of writers. All that is needed is making yourself known to them. Also going even further to craft relationships that transform into operational requirements.

Methods in which writers can improve their social media presence are through:
  • Using a lot of Keywords – to create an easy way for clients to find you, use of keywords is fundamental. However, do not place a lot of keywords but use those terms that carefully define your topic of concentration.
  • Share your samples on a regular basis with clients who are interested in the services that you have to offer.
  • Be friendly with those people who choose to interact or engage with you.


Freelance writing requires time, commitment and dedication. Through the tips mentioned above, writers go a mile in ensuring increased jobs and opportunities within a very short period.

Making mistakes is good because afterwards, you learn something new. You also get to build upon motivation and become better at your craft as you indulge more and more in it.

Strive to provide great content, keep time, and continuously seek more clients. You’ll soon be on your way to freelancing success!

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