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Are you looking for freelance photo retoucher jobs that will satisfy your financial and moral requirements? Does being a self-employed specialist seem more appealing to you than going to the office every day? 

Actually, more and more young people are becoming interested in earning money this way, but few of them are aware of certain disadvantages this lifestyle involves. That’s why I have prepared this article covering all the evident and hidden pros and cons of doing Photoshop freelance works. 

10 Advantages of Freelance Photo Retoucher Jobs

Primarily, let’s concentrate on the positive aspects of leaving your full-time job and opting for freelance photo retouching activity.

1. Work from Any Place

One of the biggest advantages of doing photo retouching job online is absolute freedom concerning the place you work from. It can be any spot you feel comfortable at, like your bedroom, kitchen, a nearby café, a local park, anywhere. 

Besides, it means no dress-code. If you are fond of traveling, you can easily combine your work that brings money, and traveling itself, which brings excitement. Actually, freelance photo retouching jobs are ideal for people, who are fine with changing their workplaces as often as possible. 

You may become a member of a growing group of freelance photo retouching enthusiasts, who like working from any spot of the planet, still meeting their deadlines and traveling all the time. All you need is a laptop and a good Internet connection.  

2. Earn as Much as You Wish

Being a freelancer, you are the only person, who regulates the money you get for your services. In other words, if you want to earn more, you can get more clients or take a bigger number of projects. 

No fixed salary that all office workers get. Judging by the recent data, people, who have freelance retouchers jobs, earn 10-20% more than full-time employees do. 

Besides, if you cooperate on a freelance basis with popular photo editing services that have a good reputation and many clients, you always have many orders and can increase your output to earn more. Being an office worker, you sometimes need to do more tasks without being paid extra for them.  

3. Flexible Schedule 

It is up to you to decide how many orders to take and what way to organize your working process. There is no tough schedule according to which you have to fulfill the task, just a deadline that regulates your work. 

Your clients just get the final result and they don’t know (moreover, they aren’t interested) when you work – early in the morning, during your midday snack, or late in the evening after watching an interesting movie. 

This makes freelance image retouching jobs less stressful. You work at your personal pace and decide how many hours a week to dedicate to the job to cope with the tasks timely.

Freelance Graphic Designer at work

4. Different Orders

Those, who choose Photoshop freelance works, appreciate the possibility to cooperate with a diverse range of clients and to be engaged in absolutely different projects. This makes work truly interesting, unlike monotonous tasks full-time workers have to do.  A freelancer has the opportunity to work not only for making a living but also for the sake of pleasure.

5. Ability to Be Picky about Orders  

When you work in the office, your boss doesn’t ask what tasks you’d like to get but gives you whatever has to be retouched. Things are absolutely different from freelance photo retouching jobs. As a non-staff image retoucher, you can choose the assignment that really interests you and can bring profit. 

No boring, too complicated, or poorly-paid orders. Of course, when you are new to the business, you can’t reject all the tasks you get, but once you get a regular clientele and become more popular, feel free to be pickier concerning work. 

6. Problems with Colleagues  

Many people don’t have good relationships with their colleagues, and this greatly spoils their mood. Very often, they must spend together up to 10 hours a day! This results in their necessity to deal with work stress and reclaim productivity from time to time. 

There are no pesky colleagues if you opt for freelance image retouching jobs. No one will open the window if you feel cold, make noise at the most inappropriate moment, or gossip about you.

7. Doing Several Jobs Simultaneously 

A self-employed person can combine several occupations at once. If you are a skillful photo retoucher and are good at oil painting, why not retouch images and be an artist simultaneously? 

There are many work from home jobs that you can master in addition to your main profession. If you learn something new, e.g. graphic design, you can increase the range of services you offer and receive additional income from photo retouching.

How to tackle identity theft as a remote worker

8. Forget about Commutes

Very few people live close to the place they work at. That’s why they have to spend several hours a day going back and forth to their office. This is really exhausting! 

Freelance image retoucher jobs enable you to save time on going to work and spend it on doing your hobby, communicating with friends, or honing your picture retouching skills. Besides, this can positively affect the way to feel about your profession and reduce the stress level.

9. Tax Deductions

As a freelancer, you can not only save money you usually spend on the transport to get to the office, but also deduct other expenses that full-time workers can barely affect. These deductions include expenses on travel, food and pastime activities, Internet access, and other reasonable costs that appear as a result of doing Photoshop freelance works. 

10. No Firing

No one can fire a freelancer. Even if there are any misunderstandings between customers and you, as a rule, they are quickly resolved. A freelancer will never hear these unpleasant words: “You are fired!”, which often cause psychological harm and drive people into a state of depression. 

10 Disadvantages of Freelance Photo Retoucher Jobs

Though there are many appealing advantages of a freelance photo retoucher job, you should know about some minuses of this activity. If any of the following factors are decisive for you in your profession, then you shouldn’t choose a freelance job.

1. Lack of Self-Discipline

The freedom you have being a non-staff worker may become a problem if you aren’t a very self-disciplined person. When there is no one controlling your work, you may feel too relaxed about doing a portion of a task every day, so everything will be left for the last moment. 

You have to be very organized and motivated to cope with tasks timely instead of spending too much time just having rest. This is a real challenge for many people if they work from home. 

2. Establish and Increase the Customer Base

It is a very brave decision to quit your regular job and start providing freelance photo retouching services. Some people decide to find reliable clients still being full-time workers, while others start from scratch, having only several clients interested in what they offer. 

Of course, it will take some time until your freelance photo retoucher job will start bringing you good money. Fortunately, these days you can as a stand-alone image retoucher for online companies.  

3. Isolation

It all depends on a person, but some freelancers really miss their colleagues and the atmosphere (if it was friendly) they had at the office. Teamwork is cool because in the process of work you can ask your colleagues for advice, chat with them during the lunch break, celebrate corporate holidays together outside the office, and just make friends. 

Freelancers can’t enjoy these things. Of course, if you are a sociable person, you can always spend time with your relatives and friends, but when you need to fulfill the task, you are alone. 

4. Unpredictable Income

If you choose freelance photo retouching jobs, you must put up with the unpredictable workloads and, as a result, non-stable income. Sometimes you have your hands full with orders that you can hardly cope with, while the next month work isn’t coming as fast as you want it to be. This drives crazy many freelancers, especially if they have fixed monthly expenses. 

But don’t simply sit and complain about the situation, use this time smartly – extend your clientele base, improve your image retouching skills, attend workshops, re-design website, etc. 

5. Control Taxes

In addition to keeping track of your orders, you need to monitor all your taxes. While office workers have nothing to worry about, as their taxes are deducted automatically, you need to be in full control over your income and expenses. This is a really serious issue that frightens many people interested in freelance photo retoucher jobs. But once you figure out how everything works, you will have no problems. 

6. No Extra Benefits

Many companies encourage their workers with holiday bonuses, paid vacations and sick leave, medical insurance, free snacks, etc. All these benefits aren’t available for freelancers, who often have to work even during holidays. So, you must mind this if you are interested in self-employed professional activity.  

Freelancer Working Outside

7. Skeptical Attitude of Relatives and Friends 

Many friends and relatives think that if you don’t go to the office, then you don’t really work. “You’re sitting at home, is it really difficult to go there and do this, because I’m in the office and I can’t?” 

For some reason, people do not understand that a free schedule doesn’t mean that you can just leave everything and start doing other tasks. You need to explain everything clearly so that others understand that your freelance photo retoucher job matters. 

8. No Guarantee that You’ll Get Money for Your Work

Those, who choose freelance photo retouching jobs, always run the risk of being fooled when it comes to getting paid for the work done. If a person isn’t officially employed and works from a place that is far from the main office, an employer may feel tempted to get the finished order without paying for it. Of course, there are many honest hirers but you never know whom you are working for. 

According to the reviews of experienced freelancers, this happens once or twice in about 50 projects. Sums are often small but it’s unpleasant when you work hard and the client disappears with your project. 

People, who have chosen freelance retouching jobs, often send pictures in small resolution and after payment, provide photos in full size. There is also a chance that your client will simply disappear without even getting work done just because he/she has changed his/her mind or decided to turn to another retoucher. 

9. New Client – New Problems

When a freelancer starts working with a new client, he/she has to spend quite a lot of time, discussing working conditions and payment methods. An employer may feel worried that a freelancer won’t provide the outcome he/she expects to get, that’s why he/she tries to clarify all the nuances concerning the prior experience that plays a role. This takes lots of time, which is unpaid.

10. No Work Schedule

Many people believe that a freelance photo retoucher job presupposes the lack of any fixed work schedule, which means you can work without set deadlines, rules, and restrictions. In fact, a successful freelancer can work for 10-12 hours 7 days a week in order to cope with the tasks in time and get a bigger income.  

Remember that relaxing and getting good money being a freelancer is a pipedream. If you decided to take up a freelance photo retoucher job and plan to work for 2-3 hours a day, your income won’t exceed the minimum possible. Only over time, you will be able to slow things down and agree only to well-paid orders with reasonable deadlines.

How to Write a Freelance Photo Retoucher Resume?

If you have posted your resume on a job-hunting website but no one gets in touch with you, don’t rash to give up on your skills and professionalism. It may happen simply because your CV lacks some attention-grabbing points and doesn’t show your candidacy in the best light possible. A resume can either make or break the game, so make sure yours corresponds to all modern requirements. 

If maybe challenging to create a good resume when you are looking for a freelance photo retoucher job and can’t boast an impressive track record. However, following these helpful tips on how to write an amazing resume you can cope with the task successfully. 

ATS Words for Your Resume - Life Skills - Objective Statement-Infographic Resume - Resume-Attention-grabbing Resume-International Employers-Graphic-Design-Focused Resume

1. Stick to well-accepted resume writing rules

Don’t get carried away with all the interesting things you want your potential employer to know about you. Even if you apply for a position of a photo retoucher, which implies a creative approach to work and artistic vision, you’d better follow the standard rules while writing a resume. The main idea at this stage is to present your work experience in an informative and clear way.

2. Indicate Everything You’re Good At

This refers to both hard skills such as usage of software packages and computer systems, and soft skills, which means being a good team player and quickly adapt to different working situations. Remember to write about your education and don’t limit yourself to degrees and formal certificates. Workshops, professional training, and online classes also matter. 

3. The More Experienced, The Better

List all the projects you took part in so that a hirer can understand what tasks you are capable of performing. There is no room for exaggeration and lie. Be honest about your accomplishments and if there is something significant that you are proud of, specify it in your resume.

4. Include Links to Your Website and Online Profiles

No need to provide links to all your social media platforms, but it is advisable to indicate your active profiles that contain your works. Every person on the lookout for freelance photo retouching jobs should have a Behance, Flickr, or 500px profile with the collection of successful projects. 

Moreover, it won’t hurt to show a bit of your personality and who you are outside of work, by providing links to your social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. 

5. Make Sure Your Resume Has Keywords 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) largely affects the relevance of the online content, so you need to create a resume that complies with this principle. Many companies resort to the help of the automated software for screening submitted resumes and finding the relevant keywords. 

It is important that your resume has the keywords included in the job description and the ones important for your industry or job title.

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