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Everyone who is a freelancer has their own set of skills, however, there’s often little help out there for people who want to brush up a little on their chosen field.

Being self-employed, and often with little other qualifications, means those of us just starting on a sole trader status could do with a lot more advice and opportunities that people in traditional jobs get.

Here are some ideas for you to look into if you feel you don’t have a lot to your name and you’re trying to get your freelancing career off the ground.

1. Construct a Timetable

If your turnaround time is where you’re lacking with your skills, try to structure your working hours a little better.

If you make a plan and try to stick to it, or you set aside some time each day to look into practicing what you do or taking up a hobby that can complement what you offer, you have a good way to pad out a resume and stand out amongst the competition.

It also means you’ve got a lot more time in a day or week to take on more jobs, or leaves you with extra time to spend on yourself or looking into better administration for your business.

Remember that it’s simply a general rule to make sure everything runs smoothly by including others in your operations; it’s a great way to save time and effort, which could always be better spent elsewhere!

2. Use Online Learning

Finding the gaps in your knowledge is one thing, but finding ways to improve it is another thing: E-learning is accessible and works for everyone!

Learning using the web happens every day, as you can just research something with a quick keyword and discover a wealth of knowledge. However, when it comes to getting a qualification or being recognized for your knowledge, it takes a little more hard grafting.

Just because it’s untraditional doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Turn to services such as CSUSM Extended Learning for some more education on your CV and a bit more substance to any proposals you draft. If you have something to show off, make sure it’s written down!

3. Try to Network Some More!

If you know people, you know plenty of opportunities to go down during your freelance career. This way, you can garner more and more ideas and be ready for more and more jobs in your chosen field.

Simply put, making friends makes you more money at the end of the day.

More heads mean more perspectives, and you can pick up a lot of advice both big and small from people qualified in the same way you are. Maybe they’ve found something you haven’t, and thus sharing and sharing alike opens up something for everyone!

It’ll take some effort, and you’re going to be practicing it for a while, but working well with your freelance skills is always going to take you higher! Put some effort into yourself and your results will get a lot better.

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