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No doubt about it – job hunting is rough. While the economy is improving my anecdotal observation is the landscape still favors employers and not applicants.

Gone are the days where a quick online submission will get you a job. Today’s job seeker must go the extra mile to stand out, get noticed, and GET HIRED!

Go the Extra Mile: Email

When an application calls for you to submit your resume via email, expect the company to be overwhelmed with responses. So much so that less than 25% will ever be viewed.

Prioritize or rank the Top 25% of positions/companies that intrigue you – and do some cyber-sleuthing to uncover the names of decision-makers. This is your best shot for bypassing HR screening entities and to get your resume in front of the actual hiring manager.

Go the Extra Mile: LinkedIn

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In those industries inundated with applicants, and up to date LinkedIn profile just isn’t going to cut it. You need to actively engage your audience and expand your network.

Get active on LinkedIn by posting at least one weekly if not more often. This can be as little as “liking” an article of interest, sharing what others have written, or posting something yourself. The more you post, the more your profile will appear at the tops of the feeds of your connections.

Shoot for 250 connections although 500+ is ideal to maximize your second and third-degree connections.

Go the Extra Mile: Online Job Boards

Applying online offers a poor return on your investment (just 5%). An old boss of mine noted that job hunters must apply to 100 jobs/companies PER WEEK to get enough volume for a strategy of just answering ads to pay off.

Your best shot at applying online comes by responding within 72 hours of a posting. This means you must regularly be on the lookout for new postings.

Go the Extra Mile: Networking

While applying online offers a scanty 5% ROI, networking yields up to a 30% ROI. Consider joining local associations or groups to find positions with real referring people vs. ads with high competition.

Focus on building relationships with HR departments or decision-makers from your top-ranked companies of interest. This may require calls, emails, and LinkedIn outreach to get their attention. However, you connect, be sure to showcase your value proposition.

Joining groups on LinkedIn is a great way to share ideas and get noticed – and also offers a “side door,” so-to-speak, to send an InMail to someone who is not a connection but who is a common member of your group.

Go the Extra Mile: Job Seach Diversification

I’ve had plenty of clients get jobs by simply clicking “submit.” These lucky folks are not the norm. Time and time again, those with a great resume and active LinkedIn profile who dive right in with leg work that includes email, phone calls, the Internet, and networking, usually land jobs.

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Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW is a double-certified Executive Resume Writer and the owner of Virginia Franco Resumes . Her resumes are 100% customized for today's readers and garner interviews in 60 days. Her LinkedIn profiles are amongst the Top 1% viewed.

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