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Forging ahead towards the achievement of your ambitions is not always a question of inner drive. Sometimes it comes down to pure stamina! Whether you’re working late on a big project that is sure to get you a promotion. Or you’re trying to fit in a job application between tasks, doing your best isn’t easy once your energy is drained. What you need are some proven techniques to help you go that extra mile.

You can start by slowing down. It may sound counter-intuitive. But taking regular breaks can make you more productive – especially if you use them well.

Take five minutes off every 50 minutes (use a timer if you lack discipline) and try to do some stretches at your desk. This will boost the oxygen flow to your brain. As well as pre-empting all the aches and pains you’re probably building up by hunching over your computer for ten hours at a time!

If stretches are beyond you at this level of fatigue, you could at least try moving closer to a window. Daylight is a proven performance-enhancer. And if you can open the window to let in some fresh air – that’s all the better.

This new infographic is packed with other ways you can recharge your energy when you need to go that extra mile to advance yourself at work. Learn it well, and you’ll be able to power on during the most trying times of your career.

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