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After completing university education, several graduates usually complain that they are not getting any job offers from the market. They apply for numbers of job posts but do not get any positive response from the recruiters.

This is quite embarrassing that you are not getting a good job even if you have a professional degree with a good CGPA.

Everyone wants to get a dream job after successful completion of university education. But the truth is that they have to start their careers from the entry-level jobs. But unfortunately, a majority of jobs require industry experience (usually from 1 year to 3 years).

The question is how a student can get experience when he/she already studying as a full-time student. Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth and organizations need to understand. Well, this is a long debate!

Let’s move toward the main point.

If you are experiencing the same situation and feeling that you’re going nowhere then luckily I’m going to show you how you can find your first job using social media.

So, let start….!

1. Signup for Social Media Platforms

I’m sure that you are already using different social media platforms to connect with your friends and family. But if you are not surfing social media, you are missing great opportunities.

Go and signup on these sites especially on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great platform for industry professionals. Up till now, 500 million professionals from all around the world are using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals.

Recruiters/HR managers often use social media to find talent. All you need is to show your existence over there. Update your profile with your latest photograph and showcase your skills and experience (if you’ve had). Your LinkedIn profile will act as a Resume.

Start networking and building relationships with industry professionals. Regularly participate in the discussions and also join LinkedIn Groups for more exposure.

Likewise LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are other great platforms to find job opportunities.

For instance, if any manager wants to hire then he/she will obviously look first in his/her online circle. So, there is an opportunity for you if that recruiter/ HR manager sees your profile and gets inspired by your qualification. He/she will obviously call you first for the job interview.

2. Try Freelancing

Freelancing is a growing industry. In fact, it is becoming a future business trend that will reshape the industry.

If you are not getting any job, start freelancing because something is better than nothing.

If you have skills like web development, SEO, content writing, and any other thing in which you are good at, then find the best freelancing site and start selling your skills.

Initially, you will have to work at low rates but after some time you’ll surely enjoy good bucks.

There are several graduates making hundreds even thousands of dollars each month by working online. Due to Globalization, Startups usually hire freelancers from all over the world to get their work done at low rates rather than hiring traditional employees from 9 to 5.

Writing a Blog Post

So, it is another excellent opportunity for you to find online jobs.

Now, there is a worth mentioning thing is that several organizations do not consider freelancing experience. But if you work for the reputable online startups, then try to get your experience letter when you are applying for other jobs. In this way, you can solve your experience problem.

3. Increase Your Online Presence

Likewise on social media, presence on the internet is also very important. Create your separate web page or blog; and write your ABOUT ME section in which you should mention your academic qualification and skills.

If you cannot afford to build your own web page, you can use other platforms such as About.me or sumry.me. These websites allow the people to create their personal online resumes.

Creating online resume will boost your personal search engine visibility. In this way, anyone can search you instantly on the internet.

4. Start Writing

For managerial level jobs, writing skills are very important.

If you want to get a good job, start writing. In fact, Writing is a great way to express your thoughts and observations.

Managers usually want to hire those candidates who have good reading and writing skills. So, start writing on your personal blog.

If you cannot afford a blog then there are other platforms you can use for writing such as guest blogging. LinkedIn also allows the users to publish their posts.

Writing contents and blog posts will increase your interaction with the industry professionals. It might be possible that you may get a good opportunity from the large organization.

Final Thoughts

Well, there are several other ways through which beginners can land on their first jobs. But I think these are the simple techniques through which you can get your first job as soon as possible.

It’s my humble request for the beginners that do not de-motivate yourself. Stay positive and become optimistic person. Everything needs time and your good time will come soon.

Hope you find these tips useful. Best of luck for your future Endeavour 🙂 

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Adil Zaman is a business major and founder of Fincyte. He loves to read and write on small business and tech trends. Follow him on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

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