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The dictionary defines a career as ‘an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.’ 

In most people’s lives, this career indirectly comes into action since childhood where a child is pressured to study well and score the best marks so that he/she can have a good career. But what that ‘good’ career remains unknown at that stage.

However, every human being aspires to have a good and successful career which is the foundation for a trouble-free living. But the question is ‘does that career makes you feel alive and be what you are.

Even at this present time, the method of the ‘traditional career search’ is very much prevalent where the resume is updated, prospective companies make offers, and you fall into that pit just to fulfill the statement of earning money.

Finding Your Aim 

Money matters a lot in our life, but along with that a job must give satisfaction else neither the purpose of doing the job will be solved nor the goal of living a comfortable life.

A successful career is extremely valuable, but one must find a purpose in that. Just like there is a purpose of why we are born and exist, the same applies to our career as well.

Almost 90% of the students worldwide are seen not to go by this norm. They complete their studies and try to get a job which they successfully do, and that’s all. They feel that they are done. But career does not comprise of a single job.

Career is like moving up the ladder by accumulating knowledge and experience. As students, young people should realize that even if they start with an odd job, they must always look forward to getting the job that the heart wants.

Do Transitions Matter & How to Handle?

At a point in career transition, finding the purpose is pretty much important because few things like satisfaction and peace of mind are much more than the job and taking home a fat paycheck. And then there are two scenarios where this is prevalent.

One is where a person is at the crossroads of a major job and career transition, and someone who is already doing a job. The purpose must be found in both of these scenarios, and apparently, there are ways and means to it.

Let us see both of them and the ways of how you can find purpose in your career.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook: ‘Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. The purpose is what creates true happiness…But it’s not enough to have purpose yourself. You have to create a sense of purpose for others.

The secret is to ask questions to oneself and give honest answers. The ways must align with the purpose, and that is what gives fulfillment to it. True passion comes to a person when he does not expect it at all to come.

Hence a few things must be clear before deciding during this transition period. It is most likely for people to get confused in this period because they go weary and most importantly they are afraid because they think that they might make the wrong choice again. But again, taking a risk is what gives adventure to life.

A person can start by making an honest assessment of him. Try to assess what is the status of your job. Try to find out what is not working. You must identify it so that you can avert it in your next job.

Do take time in the assessment for if you make the jump considering it as the only lifeboat, you might again land up in some other job that would again be a wrong decision for your career.

It is always a good decision to invest a good amount of time to consider certain factors like who you are being true to yourself, what precisely matters to you, what you want from your heart, etc.

Getting Things Done Market Assessment Survey

Decisions Depending upon Outcomes

Never start thinking about the outcome. Start to give yourself to the process first. This is the worst mistake that most of the people do. They think about the outcome first instead of working on the process, assuming things that might happen and hamper the process to a reasonable extent.

Instead, it is always advised to stay focused and work on your creativity. Hence do the things that allow you to be more creative. Do not always have the intention that someone is going to get a job for you.

Learn to take responsibility for your life and your actions. Excuses are the worst thing that keeps you stuck and in the process hampers your progress. Never give excuses to yourself or others. The reality that you create is your responsibility.

Hence the results that you have and that you do not have despite your best efforts and expectations are also your responsibility. Know that when you do not take the responsibility of what has happened to you and blame others, you start giving up on the power to change your life.

Who to Listen and Who Not to

It is not always a good method to take advice from the people that love you. They only know you the way you have been showing yourself to them. Instead, take some time for your inner self. Friends and family might always give you positive advice, but you should choose the best ones.

Take advice from people who are not your friends but people who are going through a similar transition period like yours. Take your own space and time to get that work that fulfills you.

Many people are seen to do useless things and get distracted instead of utilizing the time to do useful things. Learn to say no to them so that you can create space for the other important things.

Save time so that pondering over your creativity gets maximum space and effort. If you don’t want to do a thing just, do not do it. Question yourself. Ask if doing that certain thing has a high priority. If you give yourself a true answer, you will come to know which things to give room to.

Start Making Records 

Start maintaining a journal.

This is where you can note down all the things that you are good at doing and those that give you positive energy. This is called following the breadcrumbs. Also, note down at which point of time in a day you feel the most energetic and remain in a state that gives you the energy to go with the workflow.

You will get signs that will alert you about the negative and positive things. Keep a lookout for them.

For example, if you are doing a certain thing that gives you headaches, pain in the back, you feel drowsy, depressed, and frustrated; know that those are the signs of your body that tells you that that particular work is not for you.

On the other hand, keep a note of those works that gives you a sense of happiness, which you feel like doing, you feel enthusiastic, that gives you satisfaction, etc. These are the different signs that will help you choose the path of your career and fulfill the purpose.

It is no secret that you should always have faith in yourself in whatever you do. Try to listen to your inner voice. It is not that easy. Hence you must put down and minimize all the noise around you. Make it a point to spend some time all by you.

Go out of your general boundaries. Take some time off your daily schedule and do things that you have not done before. You can go for a hike, walk along the beach, try to listen to the music of nature like the rumbling of the sea or the serenity of the woods, etc. You will come to know what your heart desire. Trust your inner voice and go for it.

But be careful that going quiet does not mean that you will confine yourself in your room keeping distance from everyone and frantically keep on searching for a job in every other job portal that you get.

Stop doing this in the transition period for it will yield you nothing but again make you go for the wrong path.

Take control of your thought process. It might take a little bit of effort but what you think must be under your control, for your thoughts control your actions.

Sometimes it happens that our beliefs limit us a lot, beliefs which we have acquired from our family, teachers, culture, etc. This should not interfere with your thought process.

Think and identify what you think about your career, what are your targets and aims, what have you planned about your finances, etc. Never let the fear of failure be a setback to these thought processes.

The more you identify what your targets are, the more you will be successful in building your career path where you find the purpose of doing it. Once you are done with the identification of these beliefs, you will find that taking the right decisions is easy.

Adding to these major assessments, there are also a few things that need to be carefully taken into account. Assess how your job and the career that you have chosen make you feel in real-time. We all have rough days even if we have a job that you like.

But try to identify the rough days from the things that hold you back from your best to your job like lack of interest, getting bored with the mundane everyday things, feeling drained out each morning, your goals are no longer exciting you, etc. If you do not feel happy, change your job. Find something that will make you feel happy and where you will find a purpose.

Find out if you are trying to prove yourself to someone. If you feel you are doing so, it is high time that you should stop doing it. Throughout our childhood, we have kept on hearing from different people that we can be this and we can be that like teachers must have complimented and said that you could become a great biologist or mathematician.

Even your parents might think that you can become a great teacher or shine in administrative sectors. But it is up to you what you want, what you dream about. Do not try to please anyone. Instead, seek what is important to you. Proving yourself to others will never satisfy you because others will never be satisfied.

Try to look for another path once you have fixed your target but not being successful. The path to success is hard work and whatever path you take will always require hard work. Try not to limit yourself. Instead, try to see the bigger picture and focus on that.

Always keep in mind that you need the answer to the question ‘what you want’. Be flexible and do away with the rigid thinking that there is only one way out. There is always the possibility to find ways through which you can achieve your goal easily.

Seek the answer to the question, ‘what you wish to happen’. This is again one question that is tough to answer. Once you find the answer to this question of what you desire to happen, you can easily find out what is important to you, and that will lead you to get into the right track and choose the right job and focus on the career that you want.

Committing to the above-mentioned things will help you to understand the purpose that you are looking for in your career. You can pursue your soul’s true goal and get a life that you have always been looking for.

And as said in the beginning that there are two scenarios, there are people who are on the job but cannot afford to change it. Even for them, it is possible to find a purpose for doing the job without quitting it.

There are many reasons which contribute to this and do not allow the change. Hence, even in this situation, there are ways through which you can find passion in your career.

Start with reframing what you do. Try and find a more personal meaning to it. There must be something due to which you have taken the job. When you have no option to change, try to find motivation in what you are doing.

Believe in yourself that you have the power to find a purpose in your current job. Understandably, you find nothing in your current job. In this situation, try to find the small little things that inspire you to get up every day in the morning and go to your office.

Once you harvest your positive energy into it, you can make a mark and grow to keep your self- esteem. You can start this by finding out what your responsibilities are. When you were hired you were given some duties. Revise them and see what you like and what you do not.

See if you can make a few adjustments with them. Also, you can discuss it with your boss and see if he can provide a few more opportunities for you.

Try to find another purpose for the job. An organization has many goals. If a certain goal does not fulfill your purpose, talk with your manager and see if any other goal fulfills your purpose of the job. See what interests you in the list, and you can go for that.

Next, is a great way to build up your career again. The secret is having a side project. Most successful people in the world today have started their life working in a small office.

Along with that they also have started to do something that will grow over time, something into which they share their passion. Once the project grows, you can quit the job and give you full time into that. Eventually, you will turn out to be successful and will have a great career ahead.

Encourage yourself to change the title of the designation you are into something else

Today most of the titles are being changed to something else that has a good choice of words and earns more respect. Utilize them to make a change that will make you feel good as well.

Lastly, it can be said that in the end think positive that you are doing a job which helps you to earn money and that you are independent. Put this up as your encouragement note that you are supporting your parents and spouse. I appreciate that you can provide care and support. Be proud and value your work.

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