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When I was in my early 20s, I found myself working at a very successful company with an extremely knowledgeable staff and an amazing office view. I spent most of my days networking and connecting with new people. I was paid very well, and at my age, I felt I had hit some kind of jackpot.

Then one day, as if out of nowhere, I lost all satisfied with the money and the perks, and I quit. After three and a half years I sent my resignation letter to my boss, left the company, and never looked back.

The problem? Leaving didn’t mean I knew where I was going.

I spent the next several years trying to find something I was passionate about, something of sustenance. After searching, eventually, I fell into a role at a company whose business model was based around helping people.

The company took a portion of the profit from sales to fund and conduct humanitarian efforts. I worked for a company that helped people but was never in a role to be hands-on with them. So for years, I was confused about why a feeling of purpose never came.

My conclusion? I failed to ask myself through my career shifts, “what is my purpose?”

If you have found yourself asking this same question, read on for tips on how to find a career with purpose.

Purpose: Ways to Find It

The purpose is often seen as what can be done outside of oneself. However, I would urge you to turn inside yourself and consider what your strengths and weakness are.

Defining these can help you determine things like what is right for you, what is meant to be your career path, how you would like to contribute to a job, etc.

If you are currently in a position and wondering if you are living up to your true purpose and passion, ask yourself some of the following questions: 

  • “Is the world better or healthier because of the company I work for?”
  • “What is the end product my company produces?”
  • “Is the product my company produces sustainable?”
  • “Do the communities near my company benefit from their profits?”
  • “Do I feel I can trust the company’s ethical compass?” 

Before jumping off the company train completely and changing the course of your career, use your answers to these questions to see if there is a way to cultivate a purpose in your current position.

If you are looking for a change in positions, take the time to think about what your purpose is. Take some time to think about these questions and statements.

“What is right for you?” – Make sure to consult your head and your heart to find your ultimate happy hustle.  

Focus on what you’ve already got (insights, experiences, opinions) to build on know what you need (additional education. Skills, etc)

Fill in the blank for yourself:  _____is what matters to me. It may be a particular animal, organization, or societal problem. Whatever it is, try to shift your career goals towards your answer.

Be bold in your goals. Find what you love and become an expert in it.

Once you have an answer to questions like “What is my purpose?” and “Where does my passion reside?”, it will be easier to find a career position focused on your purpose.

Top 5 Careers That Bring People Purpose

1. Firefighting

Working in public safety can bring plenty of purpose to your life if you’re up for a very physical and demanding task. The requirements for firefighting depend on the position you are looking for.

There are wildland firefighters and city firefighters, both of which have very different requirements. The average salary range for a firefighter is anywhere between $48,743 to $50,775, with an average overall satisfaction rating of 87 %.

2. Education

Keep in mind that choosing to be an educator offers a lot of different career avenues.

If you are not a kid person, you can focus on teaching undereducated adults, college students, or refugees. Providing another person with the tools to grow in their own life can bring about great purpose and fulfillment.

The average salary range for teaching jobs is between $33,056 and $48,687 with an average reported satisfaction rating of 90%.

3. Counseling

It is estimated that there is 1 mental health professional for every 1,000 people in the United States. With 1 in 5 adults suffering from psychological distress, there is a great need in this field.

Helping individuals sift through the turmoils in their life can help you find a place of purpose. The salary range for counselors is anywhere between $30,184 to $55,415, with an average job satisfaction rating of 68%.

4. Non-Profit Work

This may be one of the most purposeful career choices one can choose. Since the point of a non-profit is often to help those in need, a multitude of degrees and career paths can apply to jobs in the nonprofit sector.

The salary range for nonprofit work ranges significantly. It can be anywhere between $39,732 to $65,300 depending on the position you occupy. The overall satisfaction rating for individuals who work in nonprofits is 90%.

5. Vet Technician

If you’re the type of person who deals with animals better than humans, a job as a Vet Technician may be a good option for a purposeful career. Helping furry friends to stay happy and healthy can be very rewarding.

The average salary range for a vet technician is $21,463 to $41,098 with an overall satisfaction rating of 80%. 

Breaking up the monotony of purpose-less careers can help you find something that you are passionate about, and can make your 9 to 5 days feel more fulfilling.

Finding what your purpose in life is can be hard, and quite honestly overwhelming. By answering a few simple questions you are sure to find a passion and a career you can be excited every day to work in.

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