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Many are surprised to discover how few people ever look to their educational aspirations as being viable and valuable finance investments into their future.

Unfortunately, today’s exploding costs force many students to consider pursuing a career. Not according to their likes and preferences, but according to how much they can expect in return.

On the flip side of the proverbial coin, online educational facilities make this happen all the easier for those pursuing a career. This being the case, we cover the four fields which have an amazing return on investment (ROI) for those who pursue them. And can be entered via online training centers. Let’s begin with top-ranked courses of study.

1. Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy

Having a D.O. instead of an M.D. after your name is today the growing trend in many healthcare circles. In fact, more than 20,000 medical student aspirants are applying to and entering medical schools with an osteopathic orientation on an annual basis.

In addition, many hospitals and medical facilities are now accepting osteopathic graduates into their particular platform to work alongside physicians with an allopathic orientation.

If your speciality is in holistic/integrative realm of medicine, in the field of osteopathy, then it is all the better. Salary ranges start at $110,000 to $150,000 as of the median at entry-level rankings.

Qualifying osteopaths with solid background experience can expect to earn up to $287,839 annually. The highest-paid range of salaries can bring a D.O. to a salary level of $631,313 making it one of the highest ROI fields to enter.

Best paying states for osteopathic physicians are

  • Washington $290,000
  • Arizona $182,466
  • California $179,010
  • Florida, $147,782
  • New Jersey $128,380
  • Ohio $140,000
  • Pennsylvania$111,000

2. Civil Engineering

This wide-open field in so many diverse areas offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in engineering and its many facets.

With an MS in civil engineering, for example, median salaries start at $82,050 while the highest pay ranges go to $128,110.

Among the highest compensated positions were those found in the oil and gas sectors. These are located in Midland, Texas; Santa Barbara, California; and Houston, Texas.

3. Computer Programming

Averaging an annual median salary of more than $85,000 is the norm for graduates in fields like information technology (IT), computers programming, computer science, and software engineering. Others are IT business management, systems designing and digital medical support with retail and administration computer sciences. It is offering the highest salary ranges of upwards to $125,000.

Entry-level aspirants graduating with an Associate degree can expect a salary range of $53,000.

4. Human Resources

Dealing with being a company’s gatekeeper, of sorts, graduates manage hiring, firing, training and developing company policies. Managers are today typically earning a median salary of $87,184 for an ROI of 137 per cent. Those specializing in compensation and benefits can expect a return of $94,978 as a manager.

In reality, it takes more than a year’s worth of your salary at entry-level to break-even with the cost of your education. Remembering that, you’ll find your ROI is typically 0 per cent during the first year, so choose wisely.

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