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While getting selected for a new job is a feat in itself, especially in the current economic climate, a new job brings with itself additional responsibilities and fears.

Whether it’s your first job or your fifth, the initial days of a new job are always filled with anxiety and stress. This post is meant to make your transition smooth and less painful.

Initial days of a new job are invariably full of uncertainty and anxiety. The thought of meeting new people might excite you at one hand, but getting used to a new team and boss, and handling new responsibilities can be quite overwhelming.

However, this transition need not necessarily be a stressful experience. If you practice the right strategies and have a positive outlook, donning the new role can be a very fruitful and enjoying the process.

Observe and Assimilate

Instead of trying to impress everyone right from day one you should observe and take a mental note of how things really are in the new place.

What kind of work culture does the new place follow?

How does the manager treat every team member?

What are team members talking about?

These are a few simple observations that one should make consciously without getting too involved with others. If people try and talk to you, respond well, and keep the conversation light. You will get subtle clues about how things actually work in the new office by following this “observe and act” golden mantra.

Know People

Once you have a brief idea of how people are the new place, it is time to get acquainted with at least a few of them. Make efforts to know who everybody is, in and outside of your team.

Start with your own team members and strike conversations to know them well, what they do, and who are their bosses. This knowledge can greatly help reduce the uncertainty that one faces while adjusting to new jobs. This will also help you secretly in deciding between your potential allies and competitors you have to watch out for.

stressed in a new job

Quickly Augment Your Skillset

The most self-assured individuals are those who know that they have what it takes to be the winner, whatever be the role and environment. To be one of them, all you need to do is continuously build a strong skill set.

You already have potential and that is why the recruiter selected you for that particular role, but, you have to make sure that you create an outstanding first impression through sizzling performance in the first month or quarter. This you will be able to achieve only through a constant upgrade of skills and knowledge.

Every new role in a new company requires some new skills to be applied and that is one reason why everyone looks forward to working in a new company. You have to just make sure that your learning phase is not too long for the patience of your new employer.

Take All the Help You Can

Some companies have a truly collaborative work culture where team members take a proactive interest in helping out each other. If you are fortunate enough to get selected to such a company, take full advantage. Do not fall into the trap of a self-created illusion of being “looked down as incompetent” if you accept help from others.

Assistance from team members not only helps in a smooth transition, but it also creates a great bond and that too within a very less period of time. While you might want to prove that you can do it all on your own if you want the stress with the new job to go away quickly take all the help that you can.

Let It Pass

Whether it is your first job or a new one, this feeling of uncertainty and helplessness is not going to last too long, and you know that too well.

There are millions of professionals working out there with you who were in this position once, and when nothing happened to them, there is no reason it would be any worse for you. Therefore, instead of pondering over it too long, just follow the above given simple tips and let it pass.

Slowly and steadily, you also will get molded in the work culture of your new employer; you also will be amongst the seniors, and in a position to help others feel less stressed in a new job. 



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