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When we look at people and are inspired by their stories of success, there comes a moment when we present ourselves on stage, sharing our story!

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that someone has succeeded or has not given up because of you. It gives purpose and meaning to your life. It is mainly the reason why some people want to coach for life/business as a career! Besides, who wouldn’t want to inspire the world and get paid for it?

However, many other benefits come with the pleasure of money and fame. Let’s dive into ten reasons why life coaching is one of the best working paths in the world.

Happy and Excited-Life Coach

Reason 1 — Flexible Hours and an Unlimited Earning Potential

One of the advantages of being a professional life coach is that you set your working hours and have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. (And with anyone in the world, thanks to modern technology).

In this way, you not only help people by using your own experience and proven coaching methods to match them and help them navigate their goals, but you also do so at your own pace.

If you are looking for a job and are considering applying for one, you might want to know the earning potential of the position. That is why you may wonder how much a life coach can earn.

Life coaches’ salaries can vary a lot and the fact that its maximum is hardly detectable is quite appealing.

Helping people and seeing the results of your work (i.e., happy, successful clients) is quite exciting.  

Reason 2 — Work From Anywhere in the World

Imagine that you are on an island somewhere, the sun beats on your back, the sweet smell of ocean water and barbecue meat penetrates the air, and the relaxing sounds of ocean waves and Bob Marley fill your ears. You’re in paradise.

Now imagine if you could work in a place like this every day. Imagine you have complete control over where you work and where you spend your time. Stop imagining and realize that this could be your reality. You can work from home or whom a distant paradise island.

When you work as a coach, you can work from anywhere in the world (provided you have an Internet connection). As an online life coach, you can keep up with the news, create new clients, and train clients, whether you’re sitting in your pyjamas, walking along a beach in Australia, or walking with your backpack through the mountains of Eastern Europe.

Even if you decide to move to a new city, you are free to go. There are no restrictions on where you can work and how you do business.

Typing on a Laptop-Life Coach

Reason 3 — Make Money While You Sleep With Digital Products

When most people think about being a life coach, they only think about one thing: A one-on-one phone call or personal sessions like a therapist.

If you’re smart in your business, you’ll only spend 50% of your time as an online life coach focusing on a one-one call with your clients. The remaining 50% you will devote to creating assets and products that can passively generate revenue 24/7 and all year round.

As a coach, you can write books, create some digital courses, and even train other coaches who can generate income and create an impact on life every second of the year. You can be on a Hawaiian beach drinking coconut milk or walking your backpack through ancient ruins through the mountains of Europe, and you will still earn money and pay your bills. Or even spend more time with your family, friends, and other loved ones without any stress!

It gets even better. When you have assets such as a blog, podcast, books, and digital courses that make money and increase your social credibility and presence, you can generate coaching leads while making money.

When you have multiple streams of money coming in as a coach, you rarely have to worry about your accounts again. You can spend your time as you want, where you want, and with whomever you want.

Reason 4 — More Demand Than There Is a Supply

At this point, you’re probably starting to understand why virtual coaching is one of the best career paths.

You are beginning to understand how powerful it will be to earn money from anywhere in the world, work only a few hours a week and make money while you sleep.

However, now the reality is starting to pick up, and you probably think: “Well, if coaching is so amazing, the market must be completely saturated! There’s no way I can break into it and start making real money”. Fortunately, that’s not true.

Let’s start with a few calculations. If you charge about $100 per hour for your services and sell a coaching package that requires a full week commitment, it means that each client will pay approximately $400 towards your revenue per month.

It means that you only need ten clients to earn $48,000 per year as an online coach.

And because you’re not tied to any place, it means that you’re pulling approximately 1.4 billion people out of the global market (not including people living in poverty).

Now, you tell me. Do you think that out of 1.4 billion people, you can find ten people who are willing to pay you a small monthly fee for your services? I think the answer should be clear enough.

And if you dig deeper, it gets even more exciting. The International Coaching Federation, mentions that there are only 47,000 coaches in the world, and only 14,500 of them live in North America. That means you don’t even compete with 1% of the population!

On the other hand, there are currently over 120,000 marketing agencies in the United States and over half a million worldwide. However, new agencies are appearing every day, and many of them are reaching high levels of success.

At the moment, coaching is one of the most profitable and less competitive industries in the world. Therefore, strike while the iron is hot so that you can have the income, freedom, and satisfaction you want. Consider getting a certificate in life coaching.

Reason 5 — Technology Makes It Easier to Find New Clients

Although it is not always easy to become a coach, the rapidly growing efficiency of paid advertising and content marketing makes the process of finding, filtering, and creating new clients very easy.

If you have a little money to invest, Facebook and YouTube ads allow you to quickly create a low-end offer that can help you earn new customers instantly.

If you don’t have much money to invest in paid ads, you can use content marketing to attract and generate your customers.

By creating interesting content and giving it away for free, you can attract high-quality perspectives for you and your brand. It may take longer to scale; however, you can generate orders automatically because they will already know how to trust you, your content, and your brand.

Reason 6 — Do Work That Matters Every Single Day

In most jobs, you perform meaningless tasks that serve no real purpose other than getting paid every two months.

However, when you examine the virtual coaching industry, many people who have an online coaching job claim that they would be willing to do the same job for half their salary or even for free if it meant that they could continue their mission.

It’s when you know you’re doing a job that fully meets your values. How does it feel to love your passion, “job,” and your business so much that every morning you would gladly get out of bed and couldn’t wait for your first call as if it were Christmas morning when you were 10?

As a coach, that’s your reality. You may monetize your expertise and get satisfaction from helping others at the same time. You go to bed and wake up satisfied, knowing that the work you do has a positive impact on the lives of your clients and even those they love.

Even if you don’t make more money, travel the world, or work fewer hours, you still get satisfaction from knowing that your work has a positive impact on the lives of others.

You don’t have to be an online life coach to successfully join the industry. There are hundreds of niches that you could fill as a coach.

Here is a list of the most popular ones:

  • Business Coach
  • Executive Coach.
  • Online Health Coach.
  • Mentality and Peak Coach.
  • Career Coach.
  • Relationship / Dating Coach.
  • Rescue Coach.

If you have the experience, passion, or skills in which other people struggle, you can have a huge impact on your clients and the world.

And if you treat it as a full-time career and master the skill, you can earn millions of dollars in time.

Reason 7 — Coaching Is a Learning Experience

Since coaching involves social interaction, one requires the other to help them discover their abilities and value. During the process, the person who is the coach also goes through a learning process.

Most people who ask for help come for the opportunity to further their self-knowledge. For them, each personal interaction is an experience and an adventure. It helps the trainer to become effective in his or her life. Connecting with the client helps the coach to understand better his or her life, which leads to more effective decision-making.

A compelling reason to become a coach is that it increases your auditory skills. Listening skills here mean not only that you hear correctly and clearly, but also that you understand better. It means that you start to listen to things that are not even said.

It is expressed in expressions, mini-expressions, and body language. Certain unintentional body movements that people make during a conversation speak more about them and their positions than the words themselves.

Reason 8 — You Carry the Authority

One of the best things about being a life or business coach is that there is no one to lead you. Everything you do and decide to do depends entirely on your decisions. You’re no longer under pressure from the authorities.

However, no matter how perfect it seems, having everything means that you are fully responsible for the decisions that you make. It also means that you will be equally responsible for their results.

The most convincing advantage of becoming a business/life coach is that people start looking at you; they draw inspiration from you. You get famous, some publicity, and people start writing about you.

However, with that comes a lot of responsibility, too. Once you’re in the spotlight, you are the words that matter the most. Everything you say has to be everything you stand for and live for.

Once you are successful as a coach, you are ready to take the lead. Becoming a leader requires a lot of experience and precise qualities. The advantage is that becoming a coach requires almost the same. That’s why it gets easier.

Reason 9  Better Social Life

By becoming a coach, you get to interact with a wide variety of people. Gradually, you meet someone you know, wherever you are. Even though it may seem too intrusive right now, in the long run, it is beneficial, as it means you will have PR and amazing social life. You will meet people who make special connections with you.

The choice to become a life coach means that you are ingrained in constant affluence. And that too, not in a certain aspect, but every part of your life. It includes your professional, personal, and spiritual life.

Coaching is an experience that opens the door to endless growth and discovery. No matter what level you are at, there is still room for growth, career development, personal growth, spiritual growth, as well as financial growth.

Networking Event-Life Coach

Reason 10 — Self-Help and Self-Care

When you become a life coach, you work for people. Along the way, you understand what it takes to heal a person. That way, you also have the tools to help yourself.

By becoming a life/business coach, you should have a better understanding of your abilities, which leads to self-esteem and further self-love. It is the most crucial advantage, as you cannot love life if you do not love yourself.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a life coach can be incredibly rewarding; however, at the same time, a challenging career path.

Carefully choose your next step, whether it’s a new job, a career change, a freelance career or starting a business, if it doesn’t ignite your passion, then you may end up in the same boat as in your previous job.

For some people, becoming a coach simply means becoming an inspiration. Who wouldn’t want that? Business/life coaches are now highly paid and respected around the world. It is a win-win situation.

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Dmitrii Borodin is the CEO and founder of GRIN tech – a full-service digital agency doing design, marketing, and development alongside white-label agency & media outreach solutions.

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