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It is important to choose a career field that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, providing you with job security and satisfaction. The selective student considers their strengths and weaknesses and pursues a career path that they will be passionate about.

​Adults spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace, so it is important to choose the right job for you!

​Read on to see six fantastic career fields to consider in your job search, and what skills you will need to excel in them. 

1. Airport Industry

Airports are no longer just a place to embark and disembark, and in fact, now represent a profitable global industry. Completing a diploma in Airport Operations is a great step towards pursuing a degree within the airport industry, teaching students the unique business model of Airports and how operations are managed globally. 

A career within the airport industry is enticing and suitable for any globetrotters who may one day wish to work internationally.

A diploma in Airport Operations will cover vital fields including Airside Operations, Terminal and Landside Operations and Airport Business Operations. 

2. Technology 

All signs point to continued growth within the information technology (IT) sector.

In fact, the tech support sector alone is now one of the fastest-growing jobs in IT. Innovative technology professionals are responsible for the expected 45% growth in the industry over the next 10 years. 

Blockchain Technology

The tech industry is a hub of innovation, leading to new jobs and increased needs for employment. Some reasons to expect continued job growth within the tech industry include wireless innovation, data centres, information security, smart cars and virtual reality. 

If you are innovative, a wiz at programming and passionate about modern possibilities then a career in the technology industry may be right for you. Whilst jobs in the help desk and within support often do not require a degree, if you seek to pursue computer engineering or computer science most companies will require a relevant degree. 

3. Education

Teaching is a challenging but incredibly rewarding profession with high job satisfaction. Pursuing a career in education is beneficial to society as a whole. You are the driving influence of both young and old inquisitive minds, motivating them to achieve their full potential. The impression you make on your students continues onto the next generation.

This makes a career in education a valued and vital career path.
While the job is demanding, teachers enjoy some flexibility including school holidays. College professors, in particular, enjoy considerable flexibility in their work schedules.

If you love shaping minds and working with people, a career in education is right for you. It is important however to note, that teaching at any level will normally require a graduate degree in a related field.

4. Engineering

Structural, Biomedical, Project and Environmental Engineers are expecting a job growth ranging from 24-31% over the next decade. As society develops and evolves, the current infrastructure, products & public services we have become outdated at lightning speed. Therefore, there will always be a demand for skilled engineers in many different fields.

If you are curious about how things work, display incredible creativity and have a keen ability to apply what you learn in problem-solving, then engineering may be the right career choice for you.

5. Sales 

Sales teams are incredibly important to any company, from pharmaceuticals to technology.
It is this diverse needs for sales representatives that make it a particularly appealing and exciting career choice.

Sales can be a high-stress occupation, but it suits those who thrive under pressure and it can pay very well.​If you are motivated, confident and outstanding at customer relations, then you could excel within the sales field. 

Most sales careers do not require education beyond high school, however, there are some that do. University degrees that are sought after in the sales industry include marketing and business administration.

6. Healthcare

Doctors, Nurses, Anesthetists and other medical professionals are consistently in high demand. With an ageing population, the demand for healthcare is expected to double over the next decade.

​ Pursuing a career in medicine is challenging, but the satisfaction of helping patients of all ages makes it a highly appealing career.  

With so many options out there, it can be a daunting task to choose which field to pursue. Finding a career that constantly challenges you and that you remain passionate about, is the most important aspect of choosing the right job for you.

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