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How do you know your career move is a good one? You don’t want to accept a new position, only to see the company go into liquidation in a few months.

That’s why vetting your future employers is as important as them interviewing you.

It only takes a little research. Learn about the company’s history, values, and activities. Luckily it’s easy these days because all reputable companies have websites where you can garner information.

But what do you look for? You make a comparison. How does your new employer compare to the largest companies in the world? Luckily, EP Capital has collected this information for you in this simple infographic about the world’s largest companies.

Have a look at Berkshire Hathaway. Its tactics have kept it afloat for over a century. If your new employer follows the same strategies, you have guaranteed job security.

So what do these companies value? People’s needs.

Facebook doesn’t have a revenue of $357.18 Billion because Mark Zuckerberg had an excellent idea. The social media platform works because it helps fulfill a basic human need of connecting with other people.

And luckily for shareholders and the 20 658 employees who need the company to keep doing well, Facebook transforms itself to meet more needs.

Yes, it started as a social platform. But businesses need services that Facebook can offer. That’s why Facebook added customized marketing options and business profiles to its features. Today all companies need Facebook business pages to seem legitimate.

Your new boss should be this intuitive about market needs.

Tip: Does the company at least have a Facebook profile?

Learn from Amazon and Alibaba Group. People’s need to save time helped make these companies successful. Their best merchandise is not on the long list of products they sell. They sell effortless shopping. And that is something we all need.

Does your employer’s product, service, or policy makes life easier for clients?

Unique methods help companies survive in a competitive market. Join forces with a dynamic leader so your future can be certain.

Fascinating Facts About The World’s 10 Largest Companies (Infographic)

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