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How do you find the best person for the job?

Even just a few decades ago, you probably placed an ad in the newspaper and then reached out to your network. It was a little bit of luck, a little bit of word of mouth, and a whole lot of depending on the market, too.

That’s because the people who want to find a new job may not exactly be the people who you need or want to employ. You might also be looking for someone to fill a position when there are too many people, or not enough people, looking for jobs. 

But like so many things, the internet has completely upended not only the way you can find a good match for your company’s openings, but also the way that people find opportunities to move on or move up into a different job.

And the job market is not done evolving, if you only take a look at one of the newest offerings by social media giant Facebook. 

Facebook Jobs is a new feature for people in the U.S. and Canada, and it purports to do just that: help companies find the best people for jobs, thanks to a new way of listing open positions.

The goal for Facebook, of course, is to get you to spend even more time on their site. To do that, they need to continue to add value to your time; because your hours are limited, if you can do more on one site, then you have less reason to leave that site.

People are already engaged on Facebook. They’re already sharing information. So why not provide information about jobs to connect with those interests?

Here’s the thing about Facebook and Facebook Jobs: The site already has millions of more members than any other competing site, such as LinkedIn.

And Facebook has another advantage: LinkedIn only draws people who are specifically updating their professional profile, while Facebook and Facebook Jobs draws people all the time.

So you might not even think that you want to switch jobs—but Facebook Jobs opportunities might persuade you otherwise. 

Any post by any company on Facebook Jobs also pops up in a news feed. It includes the same sort of information that any typical job post might have, including description, summary, and maybe even salary.

Bonus: There’s even an “Apply Now” option that Facebook Jobs already fills with what the social media site knows about candidates. 

That option to list jobs also is another great way for companies to stand out among their competition, especially when it comes to organic searching and appearance. But companies need to take care with their postings and their Facebook site.

It should be complete, with all information filled in and all fields about the jobs filled in, too. What else do you need to know about the benefits of Facebook Jobs, and how to take full advantage of it?

This graphic gives you all the details.



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