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In case you missed these posts this past week (Nov 9th to Nov 13th) I have compiled the Top 5 Most shared/engaged articles on the web – on the topic of “Productivity”.

1. The Simple Technique to Fit a 40-Hour Workweek Into 16.7 Hours by Chris Winfield

  • This post originally published on Fast Company received more than 16600 Social Media Shares in less than a week.
  • The article gives you ideas on working smarter not harder. Ideas on how to do more in less time.
  • The Pomodoro Technique what is it; why it is effective; how it works; what tools to use
  • Avoid multi-tasking. It is more effective to focus on one single task and avoid distractions. Thank you Airplane Mode!!


2. Why Having Free Snacks at the Office Is Good For Productivity by The Straits Times

  • The post originally published in The Straits Times received more than 16000 Social Media shares.
  • If you have worked for a company that has offered your free snacks of any kind, then you will find this article interesting
  • An average employee makes about 2 to 5 snack runs a day – which amounts to 2.4 billion hours of lost productivity for organizations
  • Companies can offset this by providing snacks on-site, thus allowing the employees to focus on the tasks at hand, by spending more time at the office.
  • You probably have heard about companies like Facebook, Google, Salesforce providing their in-house cafeteria to their employees, thus boosting employee engagement.


3. 10 Bad Work Habits to Eliminate Before Becoming an Entrepreneur by Jayson Demers

  • This article originally posted on Entrepreneur.com has received more than 10000 Social media shares this week
  • The author mentions the many work habits that might have been effective as an employee, but when you transition to become a full-time entrepreneur – they might come back to bite you.
  • Planning is vital for both your days and weeks as an entrepreneur.
  • As an entrepreneur, it is essential to be flexible rather than following a rigid routine.
  • The importance of saying no. As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset, and you have to maximize it by working on key priorities. This is where not saying “yes” to all tasks and projects is important.


4. Eight Secrets Smart People Know About Time Management by Ann Latham

  • This post was originally posted on Forbes and has received more than 8000 Social Media Shares this week
  • Time Management is very misunderstood- you can only manage yourself and not time
  • Too many priorities make it difficult to accomplish more. The more things you set out to do, the less you will get done.
  • Narrow your priorities to 2-3 items, schedule them and devote energy to complete those tasks.


5. The Ideal Workspace for Optimum Productivity by OLX Philippines

  • This post originally posted on the OLX Philippines website has received more than 7000 Social Media Shares in one week.
  • Instead of focusing on tips, ideas on improving productivity – this post is unique since it talks about the actual environment you work; and the external factors that can help you boost productivity
  • The importance of natural light – if you have endured the cold & dark winters, how to know how much of a difference having access to sunlight can have.
  • If you have ever walked into any modern office, you will see a stark contrast in the colors on the wall, furniture, etc. Having blue and green wallpaper can reduce stress levels
  • Having the right height for your computer monitor can be ergonomically advantageous

Hope you find the above list useful. If you find them resourceful, feel free to comment, and also share !! Stay tuned for similar content next week.

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