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In case you missed these posts this past week (Nov 9th to Nov 13th) I have compiled the Top 5 Most shared/engaged articles on the web – on the topic on Career Success.

1. The Winning Skills Combination for Career Success Today by Vicky Sidler

  • Originally Published at MyBroadband; this post has received close to 4000 Social Media Shares is less than a week
  • In case you have not heard of it, most of today’s education has been focussed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
  • The author talks about the significance of adding Arts to the mix to make it relevant to today’s hyper-connected digital world. Change STEM to STEAM – urging Educators to make graduates more relevant in today’s competitive world.


2. Study Links Career Success to Narcissism and Psychopathy by Justine Hofherr

  • Originally Published on Sott.net; this post has gained more than 900 Social Media shares in a few days
  • It is hard not to read a post with such a catchy headline like that.
  • The post curates research studies done on personality studies of German employees who have moved up the corporate ladder
  • The Dark Triads of Psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism correlates to higher salaries and leadership positions – according to the survey
  • As a disclaimer, the researchers also point out that these negative traits might prove successful in the short-term but does have negative outcomes in the long run.


3. Career Success vs Career Satisfaction by Helen Cresswell

  • Originally published on Penna.com; this post has gained close to 250 Social Media Shares in less than a week
  • The article highlights how most of us spent an enormous amount of time in career development and improving our skills- which at the same time has negative consequences such as increased stress levels.
  • Taking a step back, and focussing on your self – using meditation techniques helps you de-clutter and refocus on what’s really important -yourself
  • The author also highlights the difference in being satisfied with one’s career versus just strictly focusing on career growth.
  • The difference between our lower nature (doingness) and higher nature (beingness) is also discussed in detail.


4. Strategic Networking Can Accelerate Your Career Success by John Harvey

  • Originally published on Executive connexions; the post has received close to 250 Social Media Shares
  • Networking is necessary as part of both your career development and business development strategy.
  • Most jobs are never advertised; they are filled through the hidden job market today – that is why networking is essential today.
  • Dig your well before you are thirsty; start building your network today, you never know when someone from your network can help you with your career.
  • Leverage social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. to explore and build your network.


5. Gemma Carney’s Rule for Career Success by Natalie Gil

  • Originally published at The Guardian; this post has received more than 200 Social Media shares in a few days
  • This post is an interview with Gemma Carney who is a seasoned TV and radio presenter for BBC Radio 1.
  • Be open to new opportunities – don’t regret the steps or directions you are taking today – as you never know where they might eventually take you.
  • Always network – the more people you meet, the more ideas you get – and those ideas will influence your career journey.
  • Take risks – don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn from your journey.


I hope you find the above list useful. If you find the articles resourceful, feel free to comment and share below.

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