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It’s a Monday, you wake up earlier than you want to, get coffee and brave the traffic on the way to work. Spend 9 to 5 stuck in your cubicle at work and go home tired and stressed. Eat frozen food for dinner and sleep later than the time you intended. The next day, you repeat the cycle as you continue your way through the week.

You can still be productive without wasting your life away in an office cubicle. Kiss the monotonous cycle of the corporate life goodbye by considering getting some of these exciting careers that have nothing to do with staying stuck in an office cubicle.

1. Go Freelance

In this modern world of technology and globalization, working for a company could be done remotely. There are a lot of websites that act as a mediator between companies that want to hire freelancers. And freelance professionals who are looking for work.

Types of jobs stretch into several areas like web development, graphic design, writing, blogging, programming, social media and telemarketing, even virtual assistance to several companies. You can have the work done without going to an office.

2. Get into Online Retail Business

The internet opened many opportunities we aren’t used to having in the past. Today, one can open a retail business without owning an actual store. Just by tapping into the power of the internet. A lot of sites like Shopify and eBay make it accessible for stores and shoppers alike to easily extend their products and find what they are looking for.

3. Get a Career as a Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew

Having a career as a flight attendant or cabin crew is one of the most exciting one. Aside from the fact that flight attendants spend most of their workdays in the air, getting to explore different cities and countries. Most airlines also offer attractive pay packages and benefits.

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It’s a great way to see the world and travel while also earning a living. It may also be a great option if you are looking to travel while you figure out what your next exciting career move will be.

4. Open Your Own Restaurant

Most people who have busy and active lifestyles rarely have the time to cook their own meals at home. Thus, making the food industry an attractive business. Opening your own restaurant is another great alternative from the corporate job, especially when you are passionate about food and love meeting a lot of people.

Top restaurateurs usually gain a great deal of fame, aside from the profits their restaurant business rakes in, making it not only a profitable venture but a very rewarding career as well. If you are considering opening your own restaurant, it’s important to get quality equipment like those found at Budget Restaurant Supply. It may be a daunting task to open a restaurant, but it’s something that’s definitely possible. If it’s your dream, start by making a business plan and taking steps from there.

The good news is that we don’t always have to live with the rule book. We don’t always have to color inside the lines or follow the herd. We can tap our potentials and make use of our savvy ways to be a success. Sometimes, making it big meant stepping outside the safe confines of the cubicle and brave the uncertain. Go ahead, the world is waiting!

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