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Also popularly known as a Curriculum Vitae or more popularly known by the abbreviation ‘CV’, a resume is a brief account of your work experience. The resume is your professional introduction that precedes your physical presence, for a probable consequent outcome, such as a personal interview, or a distant conversation such as a voice call. 

For this, primarily a resume contains your work experience. Secondarily, it covers everything about you amounting to the relevance of the situation, such as hobbies, demographic details, marital status to name a few.

Resume Writing

Historically, most people wrote their own resumes, but with the advent of the internet, resume writing services blossomed into a full-fledged industry.

Today, you are just a click away to get your resume written by a professional resume writer to overcome a considerable problem of how to make, write or create a resume.

Why You Need a Resume Writer?

In a competitive world like today’s, more than anything, making a mark is imperative. Getting selected for an interview, appearing for an interview and finally getting chosen is far-off, the very first thing is getting an impressive, crisp and a professional resume to make a kill.

For this, a writer comes into the picture. A resume writer is a professional who understands thoroughly the prerequisite and nuances of a professional resume. The following are the benefits of getting your resume written by a professional writer:

  • An appealing cover letter
  • A structured format
  • Professional language (enriched with essential jargon)
  • Uniformity of format

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

Just like every coin has a flip side and to give you a perspective, here are the pros and cons of getting your resume written by a professional resume service.


Quality of Writing

While there is no direct correlation between someone’s writing skills and job performance, quality writing talks a lot about quality work. A grammatical mistake can be read as a lack of attention to detail, and the use of slang can say you are too informal in a professional setting.

A Way of Showing Skills

Demonstrating good writing on your resume tells a company’s HR department that they can count on you to fill cross-functional jobs and gives you a competitive edge over other candidates.

They Know What Is Trending

Resume writing services have been in business for years and track industry trends. Their writers are trained in how to respond to the demands of HR professionals and hiring managers, this gives them an edge over you.


Assembly Line-Like Resume Services

Many resume writing services just churns out a resume, which can be the same except a few changes. This means they work on an assembly line-like process like a pre-drafted format for writing resumes.


If you’re out of work, the cost of getting a resume written by a professional resume service might burn a hole in your pocket.

How Much Do Professional Resume Writers Cost?

As discussed above, the cost comes as one of the major cons of getting your resume written by a professional resume service. Well, is that cost worth it? First, we would have a look at how much does a professional resume cost?

At each level, the cost of writing a resume differs. At the entry-level, i.e. A fresh graduate, a student or a professional with an experience of up to 3 years would be charged around $295. As it moves further the cost surges. Beyond an experience of 3 years, it costs you roughly $395.

Beyond this, a professional resume service would charge you on the basis of seniority, i.e. Mid-management and senior management. Mid-career resumes are around $450 and beyond that $550 for the positions such as directors, VP-level, CXOs.

Now, the answer to the question- is it worth it?

According to a survey a person seeking a job with an annual salary of $40,000 spends about $154 every day and this cost increases with the subsequent increase in the salary you are seeking.

It perfectly makes sense to make a one-time expense, (although you might not be out of a job at the time you are seeking a new job, it is just a comparison with the worst-case scenario) for a resume which would be professional and place you better.

How to Choose the Right Professional Resume Service?

Well, the buck doesn’t stop here. Doing a cost analysis is not enough, you may get ripped off by a quick buck artist. It is very important to pick the right professional resume service which would be worth your money.

Here are 3 factors which you should keep in mind while selecting a professional resume service.

  • Resume Association Membership. The leading professional resume writing associations all have codes of ethics; provide education through annual conventions and ongoing professional accreditation programs.
  • Always ask for professional credentials. Professional credentials are the best way to gauge if the service provider or the person is fit for the job. Only those who belong to professional associations and are committed to professional development earn professional credentials.
  • Credentials to ask for. There are certifications issued by different agencies such as CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) by Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, NCRW (National Certified Writer) by National Writers Association, CRW (Certified Resume Writer), CERW (Certified Expert Writer), CMRW (Certified Master Writer) by Career Directors Institute.



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