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When it comes to the wording you use within your CV/resume, nothing is more important than the verbs you include.

Verbs are commonly known as “doing words” and describe the actions you take to complete a task. Therefore it’s understandable that employers rely heavily on verbs to comprehend your input into your previous employers’ success.

So professional CV writing service StandOut CV has collated the top 13 most effective verbs to have on your CV if you want to make a big impression on recruiters.

Some Important Verbs Include:

1. Planned

Planning is the backbone of success and shows that you can methodically work towards a goal.

2. Resolved

Businesses face challenges and problems on a daily basis, so if you have the ability to resolve issues and rectify problems, employers will want to hire you.

3. Improved

Businesses are always looking to make improvements, so if you can drive positive change within an organization then include it on your CV.

For more CV writing verbs see the Infographic below.

Written By
Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV and author of The Ultimate CV Writing Guide .

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