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Think back to the day when you were fighting for any recognition that you could get when hoping and dreaming that one day, you would be in the position that you are in now.

It’s very easy to feel stuck in a job when you aren’t being appreciated, and you don’t want any of your staff to feel that way about working for you.

As a boss, you not only want your employees to have what they deserve because – they deserve it. But if you have unhappy staff, the chances of them putting in 100% effort definitely decreases. And that isn’t good for your business.

You have handpicked your employees for a reason, so give them what they need in order to work to the best of their abilities for you and your company.

1. Give Them a Purpose

Although you’re running a business and want to see it making a lot of profit, it’s about being able to see how that profit was made – it’s all thanks to your employees. They are busy working hard, trying to provide you with all the sales you need to make an income.

It’s important to show them that you see that, by giving them a purpose. They aren’t just your staff – Lee is your Marketing Magician, Sally is your Content Creator, and Kate is your Sales Savage.

​See them as individuals and be vocal about it, not only are you giving them that little bit of recognition they needed, but they will be driven to work even harder to keep their name at the top.

2. Keep Them in Shape

This doesn’t necessarily mean taking them to the gym though; it means ensuring that everyone is trained up and knows all they need to know in the different areas of your business in terms of safety, selling, customer service, and so on. This is where remote training courses come in handy.​

​Make a point of taking out an hour or two every week to get together and go over certain areas that you feel need more improving, or just that should be refreshed so everyone is up to speed.

​You can also use this time to give your employees the opportunity to go over anything that they may be concerned about, and collectively, as a group, you can discuss the issues and ideas.

​Your employees will benefit from having time to bring up anything that has been bugging them, and you are gaining important feedback.

3. Show Them Respect

You should all know by now that respect works both ways. Yes, you are the boss, and they are working for you, but that by no means is a way of holding power over their heads.

​Remember, if they are talented and qualified enough for you to hire them, they will be talented and qualified enough to find another job, so show them the love and earn their respect!

​When they arrive Monday morning, ask them how their weekend was, and actually listen to their answer – learn about each and every one of them.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed, and they will really be appreciated that you bothered to show an interest – because you didn’t have to.

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