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Are you having a hard time looking for remote jobs?

You are not alone.

Job search is a time taking process and finding remote jobs is much more strenuous.

But in today’s times when there are thousands of remote work options available, finding a niche specific online job is not an impossible task.

With more and more startups embracing the ‘global workplace’ culture, you have a very bright chance of landing a great work from home job.

Just follow the tips below, and you could be very well checking your emails on Sundays and working in your PJs.

1. Look Beyond the Traditional Job Boards

The big job search giants like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed are great for your office jobs, but you will have to do a ‘out of the box’ search for remote jobs. The first step is to dig deep and find the job boards that specially cater for flexible jobs.

These job boards are more focused on remote working options like freelancing, project-based work, telecommuting, etc.

Some of very authentic flexible jobs boards are Authenticjobs, We Work Remotely, Virtual Vocations, etc.

2. Change Your Search Terms

You would be surprised to see the diverse results you get when you make simple changes to your search terms. Usually, we type in the job we are looking for and category ‘full-time.’ Depending on the job board, test different search terms like remote, freelance, telecommute, anywhere, etc.

Sometimes you might miss on good opportunities just because you didn’t enter the right search terms.

For example, in Monster.com, ‘work from home’ term gives you more search results than any other remote search term. This could give you more chances of applying for the right job.

3. Check Forums

A decade ago forums were the places where everyone would just chat or share opinions, but now it’s completely changed. Forums are a great place to find new and unique remote jobs. These are user posted jobs, so you need to do a bit of research before applying, but you will find many options.

4. Get Notified Through Email

There is nothing better than getting fresh job leads right in your inbox every day. This saves a lot of time for a job seeker, whether it is for remote jobs or desk jobs.

Like any other job search, you can specify your parameters or the type of work from home jobs you are looking for and sign up for emails with job boards. This has two advantages, you get notified as soon as a new job is posted, and this gives you a higher chance to land the job.

ZipRecruiter and FlexJobs are two good examples of job boards which send out emails religiously no matter what types of jobs you choose.

5. Don’t Fall for Too Good to Be True Scams

This is probably the most important thing you need to keep in mind before starting your job search. Working from home or doing a remote job is not a get rich quick scheme.

It is as hard as any other office job.

The web is full to ‘earn 10,000 in a day’ scams. Honestly, I don’t know if anyone can ever earn that income unless they worked really hard to achieve that success.

So, don’t believe everything you see when it comes to remote jobs, especially if it feels too good to be true.

6. Network With Others

Sometimes we find job leads in the places we least expect. Social Media is a great place to start networking for jobs and even find job leads.

Platforms like LinkedIn are fast becoming the go-to places to showcase your skills and get in front of recruiters or companies. This is also a great place to network with your remote work peers and find suitable opportunities faster. There are many great groups on LinkedIn where you have remote jobs posted regularly. It helps be active on this social media platform.

7. Always Keep a List of Remote Companies

In this growing remote working economy, you can easily find companies that exclusively hire people to work from anywhere. There is a big list of startups that employ remote workers for many roles like WordPress Engineers, Technical Assistance, Chat Agents, Virtual Assistants, etc.

Having a handy list of companies that recruit remote workers can give you quick exposure to advertised roles.

Generally, remote jobs get filled up very quickly. If you are qualified for the job, then it is always the first-come-first-serve basis.

8. Know What You Want

Starting your search is the first step to finding remote job success. You need to know exactly which category of flexible jobs suit you. This makes it easier for you to look for the right type of job.

Very often I see people getting confused about what type of remote work positions they should choose. It all depends on your goals, availability and many factors which depend on your lifestyle.

Always read the full description of the job and see if they are asking for any travel or training periods etc. If you are looking for a complete online job, then these type of roles might not be your thing.

9. Finally, Don’t Lose Hope

I know too well how frustrating it is to find the right work-at-home opportunity. I went through all that. It might take some time to find a good online job, eventually it is possible to find and land a good remote job if you know what you want and where to look. The remote opportunities now are far more diverse and more in number than they were a decade ago, so there is a good chance for everyone.

It is daunting but a possible task to find remote jobs. If you look in the right places keeping some key parameters, you will surely find good work from home opportunity. It is all about your search strategy and proactiveness to get the job you want.


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Sireesha is a career blogger and an avid side hustler helping people to find remote jobs, and unique side hustles through her blog, Crowdworknews.com. She also has a free course on Starting a Profitable Side Hustle.

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