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Graduation ceremonies are over. The tears and excitement are behind, and now you face the harsh reality. You need to continue your life and find a good job. You struggle with writing a resume (unfortunately, it’s super short – you’ve just completed your university and maybe was involved in some occasional activities). And notice that all your dream jobs require some experience. But where to find it?

How to switch to the new career path without the corresponding lines in your CV?

Here are some tips for you to get rid of your frustration and find the job of your dreams.

1. Be Confident in What You Already Have

Most of the people think that their university degree isn’t an experience. That’s not right! We all current employees started from something without having any experience. You have never been alone in this! The actual problem is when you want to get the position that requires more skills than those on the beginner level in the company.

But you can start one step lower on a career ladder and succeed faster! Follow these recommendations to make your CV look strong enough even without the experience section:

  • Apply for any entry position in the company. Corporate representatives do not expect people with several years of experience there.
  • Turn your lack of working experience as a strong motivation to learn and develop in the new field. Use the motivation letter option to describe your intentions.
  • Concentrate on your skills. List all you can do with computers, in communication, and while researching and solving problems. Don’t hesitate to mention your readiness to help, eagerness to train, and professionalism. These skills are crucial while working in a team!
  • Reflect in your application that you are exactly the person the company is looking for. Address all the requirements in job offer carefully and honestly.
  • Try volunteering to collect some experience. That’s one of the best options to spend time and learn something new and exciting, trust us!  

2. Investigate Your Connections

Even with a great CV, it often happens that your candidacy is not chosen. How to make sure you’ve done everything possible? Believe it or not, but your friends and acquaintances can help you even better than a great profile on a couple of pages.

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Surprise? But that’s how any company works – they first ask their workers whether they know someone interesting and good, and then place a job offer for everyone. So make sure you have someone who can advise you!

A great social network to check whether your connections can help is LinkedIn. This website has several degrees of your connection to company representatives – and if it’s a first or second one, it means that you have a connection to the company of your interest, congrats! In this case, ask for help from your friends – talk to them or propose to introduce you to the person in the company. That personal recommendation can work much better for you than an excellent work experience!

But what if no connections found? Too early to be upset – you can establish it by following this step (important note: no mentioning of the position you want to apply in any of these steps!):

  • Search in LinkedIn for a person in the company of your dreams. The best option is finding someone in the relevant department who is one level higher than you in the future (type a word “Senior” before the position).
  • Start the communication – by using LinkedIn or the e-mail. Before writing, find as much information as possible about this person and decide what your shared interests are.
  • Refer to the person as an expert you will be glad to hear advice from and arrange a meeting.
  • During the conversation, ask about the reasons why your influencer changed his previous company for the new one and the advantages of the current working environment. Don’t forget about the key question – the greatest challenge one’s team is facing now. Be sincere and natural in this interview – you both should exchange thoughts and like the meeting!
  • After you heard the specifics of working in a company and your influencer’s current challenge, come back with a draft proposal of a solution! The essential parts of this paper are the summary of the problem, step-by-step recommendation, and your skills that helped you to find this solution.
  • Wait for the feedback – they will offer you that job by themselves if they liked your recommendation!

3. Consider Working Online

Can’t decide which company to choose? Take your time and earn some money while thinking about working online! The key advantage of this option is that you can try something new without losing too much – you can work from any part of the world, combine your current occupation with the extra profit, and establish a base for your future development.

One of the well-known representatives of this market is Mechanical Turk from Amazon. This crowdsourcing platform offers plenty of small online tasks from independent contractors for you to complete. The key areas of work include surveys, blogging, transcriptions, commenting, short writing, and taking photos. The key disadvantage of this option is the tiny payment (mostly calculated in cents).

Notwithstanding, it mostly requires no experience for you, so it is a great start for you to choose the best job for you by trying different occupations and establishing connections. In any case, you can reward yourself by buying something on Amazon after a good working day!

4. Start Writing

As the last option that requires no experience, consider writing. Of course, you can bake, draw, or dance, but this skill is basic and is taught to everyone in a school. Everyone has thoughts worth expressing; try doing it for money!

You can start from micro tasks offered by Clickworker and practice writing, product description, data entry, research, and translating; if you need more space to write, submit your 1,500-word paper to Listverse – they’ll pay you if it is catchy; or write for business in Blogmutt and translate for 1-800-Translate.

However, if you are actually invited for the interview, don’t hesitate and share all your knowledge you have and show all your strengths. Be ready to present your most valuable knowledge in order to create a great first impression of yourself that will lead you to further career achievements.

Good Luck!

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Rose J Ellis graduated from the university with a degree in creative writing, giving her a broad spectrum of writing talents to put to good use. Rose finds a great pleasure in sharing her thoughts online, while sharing her experience with others.

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