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If you ask most people they would say that they hate their work. At least, they hate their jobs. But we don’t hate work, do we?

It’s how we make money, how we can afford the new car, a house of our own, how we support our children and pets. And we all have dreams, and we have passions when we imagine doing that to make money, we don’t hate it. So, what’s the difference?

The difference is freedom. When you work for someone else… Well, you work for someone. You are given a specific task and told to do this task every day, five days a week, and sometimes, on weekends if a company or team goals need to be met. When you work for yourself, there is none of that. You work when you want, doing what you want.

Freelance opportunities are the greatest way to be financially free and mentally whole.

10 Simple and Easy Way to Make Money Freelancing

Here are some freelance opportunities that you can do with the skillset you have now, or a skillset you could learn rather quickly, with the right drive and action plan.

1. Website Design

It used to take time, it used to take coding ability, and it used to take developers. If you wanted to create a website, you needed to hire a developer to do so. However, these days, you can build a website for free just by signing up for a service. Pay a small amount of money monthly, and you can utilize the full services that the free platform doesn’t offer. Software platforms like WordPress have revolutionized the webspace, allowing Suzy Q, who wants to start a food blog, to do so for free, and create a website she can market to her potential audience.

The steps to create your freelance website design is simple.

First, start creating websites. Utilize multiple themes, add different features like scrollable photos or submission forms. You have to build a portfolio. Next, create your website. Make sure you highlight the projects/websites you’ve designed (even if they’re for yourself) to show potential customers what you can build for them.

Finally, find customers. This is far easier nowadays with the number of job boards and social media outlets we have at our disposal. Sign up for a free service and create your profile, or visit local businesses in your area.

You can easily make $500 – $1500 a project (website) by targeting local, small businesses, or job boards. As you get new projects, update your website with your success stories, and soon after you’ll be able to raise your price point and branch out to larger-sized clientele.

2. Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to make money.

Although that sounds oxymoronic (for the simple fact that since a small child, you’ve heard society say that it’s hard to make good money as a writer), but the fact is, businesses need creative people, and not everyone can write.

From marketing companies or entrepreneurs in need of product reviews, people need real writers, creating engaging and exciting content, so that businesses can gain an edge on their competition and engage their audience.

A Person Taking Notes-Earn Money Freelancing

Copy Writing is the most lucrative freelance writing gigs. However, there are also song or movie reviews, research projects, technical writing jobs, and even tag lines for humorous product lines. The space is vast, and though there is lots of competition, it’s one of the easiest freelance jobs to get into, for the simple fact that you can market yourself. Just, start a blog. Show that you can write, and write about what interests you because that’s the best way to create good content.

You may start small — writing penny articles for freelance writing boards, or $20 one-off jobs for a writing product or song reviews.

 However, you can make hundreds of dollars a month sitting in front of the television, watching Netflix, with a laptop on your lap. It’s very simple to start, and if you enjoy it, like anything in life, you will be motivated to succeed, and you will thrive.

3. Code for Hire

Have you heard of Affiliate marketing or Re-marketing? What it is, are technology companies like CJ Affiliate or Google, who create spaces where someone with a website can host online advertising ads, sot hat companies like Nike or Gap can reach an extended audience of consumers on the web.

You can build a website yourself, use a service like CJ Affiliate to gain partnerships with online retailers, and host their product links.

When a user clicks and eventually purchases a product on the retailer’s website, you make a percentage of the purchase. If you have coding ability of any kind, it’s very easy to build your website that can host or promote affiliate products.

However, what some forget to realize, are that within these online marketing spaces, the retailers themselves may need help too. To be able to work with these third-party marketing companies, they must integrate their technology (normally Javascript) into their website.

If you have familiarity with JavaScript, you can charge a reasonable fee (such as $200) and offer your freelance services to integrate the code onto the retailers’ website, yourself. This is hands down one of the most lucrative ways to make money programming.

Many of these companies use Tag managers, which is a software that allows them to host multiple code sources in one place. This also provides a layer between the actual website content on their live website, and what the users of the tag manager are doing inside the platform.

You will have ample opportunity to freelance this way because the retailer has complete control over what they or you push to their website, and it is easily removable if ever problems occur.

Additionally, if you do a good job, you can gain a partnership with the retailer for future coding work, creating a steady income. You can find yourself making $2000 a month, minimum.

4. Winter Work

It may not be pretty, it may not be brag-worthy, and of course, it may be tiresome, but finding snow removal work is one of the easiest ways to make money in the winter.

All you need is a shovel or a snowblower. It’s easy to overcharge customers because no one likes shovelling snow. It’s also very easy to market your services with a flyer under the door, or a walk down a neighbourhood during a snowstorm. Now with Venmo or the Cash App on almost everyone’s phone, you don’t need to target customers with cash, either.

Sure, it will be cold, and you will be tired, but you can pick up a shovel, walk out your door, and charge members in the surrounding neighbourhood $20-$40 per home. You will find people will be more than happy to pay you for your service. Now, let’s pause and do the math: charging $25 per home, doing 10 homes per storm, equals $250. That’s also tax-free.

Another option — do you have a truck? Some companies seek out owners of trucks to work for their plough services during the wintertime. You may have to purchase your plough (one downfall) but you could make between $15-$30/hr, per storm. That’s a nice chunk of change.

5. Personal Training

Becoming a personal trainer does include an upfront cost, as it requires a certification to be legitimized. — anywhere from $400-$600 for basic certification, upwards of $2000 for a master certification.

Personal Trainer Working With A Client-Earn Money Freelancing

However, the returns are grand — the average personal trainer can charge either an hourly rate if partnered with a gym or fitness centre ($40-$70 per hour), or, a flat personal training fee for individuals or groups who wish to take a class, specialized for a particular fitness regiment (think “Perfect Body” or “Get a Six-pack” class).

It’s a simple fact – the money is there. It is also very easy to service to self-market and to expand — you can create YouTube videos, personalized plans for members, and start to build a cult-like following of people who want to better their health or body image.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

The top-paid members of YouTube make millions of dollars. Yes, that’s right, millions. Will you make a million dollars? Maybe, or maybe not. Regardless, the platform is built for uniqueness and niches.

Do you find different types of salt interesting? Vlog about it. Add recipes for your users. Heck, write a top ten list of your favourite salts to use on steak. It’s that simple.

There are millions of people in the world and many of them think like you, have interests like you, and look for content like the content you want to create. YouTube provides you with the ability to find them.

The concept of YouTube is pretty simple, like with any social media platform– get hits, get likes, get followers, and once you reach a specific traffic volume, advertisers and even YouTube themselves will seek you out and bring you into their cash-driven landscape.

Even if you don’t want to be on camera, creating topical or niche based voice over videos that you make with one of the hundreds of editing software out there — you can connect with a specific audience of users around the globe, and get paid for doing it.

7. Graphic Design

If you want to be an artist, like art, or just enjoy creating, then, become a Graphic designer. “But, I didn’t go to school for that..” you say. My retort is — it’s 2020. Technology online has replaced formal education.

A Graphic Designer

Photo Credit – fakecrow.com

There are hundreds of services, platforms, and software available to use. You can get Adobe Photoshop for $10. That’s a small price to pay, especially when you can charge customers $100-$300 (on the low end) for a finished product! Like with writing or freelance website design, it’s very easy to build a portfolio yourself. Come up with a project, execute the idea, and then feature it on social media, the profile of one of the freelance marketplaces online (like UpWork or CreateSpace), or hosted on your website.

Like with every freelance job, you make money based on the number of successful projects you take and complete. Start slowly, charge a low price point to undercut more experienced designers, and slowly build clientele and your portfolio.

8. Consulting

Many small businesses require help when they start — they need help with marketing, creating a website, creating engaging content, or even managing departments and ordering specifics.

If you know how a small business works because you’ve started one before, or worked in a start-up space in which your job responsibilities included you wearing many hats, don’t keep the things you’ve learned, and even the things you learned from, to yourself. Share them.

Consulting fees can be as high as $2500, and that’s even when you begin marketing yourself as a consultant. Small businesses will happily pay $2500 one time, then hire someone for $15/hr, paying them bi-weekly, especially when they aren’t sure of the full cost of their business yet, or how lucrative or slowly building it will be. Use the expertise you have, and show potential clients what you can do for them.

It’s important to know that in this freelance space, sales will be your main focus. You need to accurately sell yourself and what you can do. If you do a poor job, you lose a client, and you also lose future clients that that client may have introduced you too. Do not try to con the small business or oversell yourself to get the consult.

Present yourself accurately and truly, outline what you can do for them, and above all else, make them know you understand the client’s business and want to help, not just take their money.

9. Social Media Marketing

Social media is not going away. If you are a good looking male or female, you can make money self-modelling on Instagram.

If you like to work out and show off your muscles, post pictures or photos of yourself on IG. Do you look good in a bathing suit? Post pictures or videos of yourself on IG. I’m not trying to be offensive either — if you are a good looking human being, you can make money on social media platforms doing this.

Social Media Channels

Fashion icons and role models are no longer in magazines and television. They are on our phones, in our apps. There is a multitude of stories and facts supporting those stories that you can make six-figures simply being an Instagram model, or “influencer”, as most of their profiles read.

Sure, it’s vain, but it’s in right now, and it makes money. You can create a following, create a brand, and create additional income streams to that audience, build partnerships with sponsors, travel the world, meet interesting people. When you think of freedom, it’s maybe the freest and equally lucrative freelance opportunities.

10. Dog Walker

Again, not the most glorious of jobs, and not something you put on a professional resume, but you are here because you don’t want a professional resume, you want financial and mental freedom, so listen up. Dog walking is a legitimate way to make $3000 per month.

Those less fortunate than you need to wake up early and go to their corporate jobs. They have pets because everyone likes pets, and those pets need love and care. They need to eat, they need to run, they need to get away from the shoes they like to chew and the rugs they like to do their business on when their owners are not home.

You can benefit from an animal’s need to exercise and go to the bathroom — because that’s all it boils down to. For 20 – 30 minutes of work, you make $20-$30. Not exactly a great return at $1 a minute. But, when you start to add homes with multiple dogs, or multiple homes in general — your money multiplies. For a couple of hours of work, you can make $100+ in the day.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for freelance opportunities, think simple, not complicated.

Making money is easy, you just need to put in the work. There are ample opportunities to create financial freedom for yourself and do something that you enjoy, and are good at.

Don’t underestimate the power of freelancing on your physical and mental health. A bonus — you’ll learn more about sales and marketing and running a business than you would be working for another company. You’ll do it first hand.


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Peter Koch is a veteran money maker with various side hustles. He is the co-founder of DollarSanity and he has been featured in Yahoo Finance, MSN, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and many others.

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