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Money is a big part of our personal lives and our business lives. We are constantly striving to make more of it, spend less of it, and control it to the best of our ability. Often times this day-in-day-out skirmish with money builds up stress. We can’t be at our most creative, productive, or energetic when our body is constantly thinking about the stress of finances.

Learn to manage a few of the worst culprits and you will be able to move through your day and your life with less money induced roadblocks that slow down your productivity.

1. Be Open about Your Financial Fears

This may mean talking to a financial advisor (or getting one if you don’t), opening it up to your co-workers to be creative with financial solutions, or talking about it with a business mentor. Your stress and/or fear may hinder you from seeing successful strategies or stop you from pushing forward. You may have started this business venture on your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to tackle every task unaided.

2. Strengthen Your Mindset

Getting caught up in a pattern of negative thinking about any subject slows down your productivity. But this is especially influential when it comes to money. Money influences our sense of stability and security, and if our financial mentality is on shaky grounds, so is our ability to keep positive about the rest of our life. Focusing on the good does not mean ignoring the bad. Give yourself the strength to handle any situation by believing that you can.

3. Know What You Can Control

You may still be working on the consistent growth of your business through marketing, branding, and advertising, but there are everyday factors that you can control and do work for you. Money that comes into your business needs to be organized and accounted for every day. Know where your money is being spent, and exactly how much is coming in. For brick-and-mortar business owners handling currency, a money counter machine can save the time consuming and potentially error-prone task of counting your days total.

4. Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

You have taken on a challenge in which few have the confidence and the will to start. Every day you are learning, becoming more productive, handling the pitfalls with perseverance, and turning the triumphs into forwarding momentum. Give yourself the recognition and positive feedback you deserve.

5. Find Your Stress Reliever

If the stress doesn’t come from money it will come from something else, there will always be stresses in our life slowing us down. Find what helps you handle any stress, whether it is exercise, meditation, reading, art, or talking to a friend. As you work to minimize the influence of stress your ability to create a better flowing more productive day will be maximized.

Being a productive individual sometimes means tackling our biggest fears and greatest hurdles first. Reducing the stress that comes with financial management frees up our mind and energy to become a more focused and productive person in both our business and personal life.

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Doug writes for iTestCash.com. He works to provide information and products to better organize and protect startups, small businesses and growing companies. He shares the value of money security through excellent security products and devices.

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